Verdicts & Settlements

The firm has handled many structured settlements through the years in substantial monetary cases and in cases involving minors and disabled persons.

We have the experience and expertise to work out the details of structured settlements which ultimately bring a lifetime of tax-free income to our clients.

Below is a sampling of verdicts and settlements obtained by Cooper Law Firm.

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Car Accident Cases

  • $1.35 million settlement to pedestrian injured in car accident.

  • $1.1 million settlement for a man left with permanent scarring and injuries after a car accident.

  • $600,000 settlement received for a youth who was injured in a car accident.

  • The firm represented a bicyclist struck at rush hour by a station wagon. The young man suffered severe brain damage and permanent scarring. Despite the severity of his injuries, the young man underwent rehabilitation, married and is now raising a family. Despite serious liability questions, the firm was able to negotiate a settlement which will provide him with substantial income for the rest of his life.

  • The firm handled a personal injury claim on behalf of a youth. The insurance involved was insufficient for his injuries. The firm, however, was able to find appropriate insurance coverage. Ultimately, the case was settled to cover over $300,000 in medical bills and the client will receive support for the rest of his life as the result of a structured settlement.

Premises Liability Cases

The firm has handled numerous premises liability cases over the years involving injuries as a result of negligently designed premises, negligently maintained premises, and/or negligent inspections. Verdicts and settlements of $500,000 or more are common in serious cases.

  • $550,000 verdict against the D.C. government for the thumb amputation of a child on a D.C. playground.

  • The firm again took on the District of Columbia government suing D.C. on behalf of an 8-year-old child who suffered a thumb amputation on defective playground equipment at her Southwest D.C. public housing complex. A pretrial settlement of $100,000 was negotiated with the equipment manufacturer. Later, a D.C. jury awarded the child $550,000 against the D.C. government for its negligence in failing to properly inspect and repair the playground equipment.

  • $7.5 million verdict against a public utility company for the electrocution death of a 13-year-old girl.

  • The firm represented the mother of a 13-year-old child who was electrocuted by a fallen power line. Mr. Cooper was able to prove that the power company knew about the fallen line but failed to take remedial measures. The case was appealed to Maryland's highest court, which affirmed the verdict. The $7.5 million verdict was the largest personal injury verdict reached in Prince George's County at that time and one of the highest ever in the state of Maryland. The Court of Special Appeals in Maryland affirmed the verdicts. The power company ultimately paid the full verdict plus over $1 million in post-judgment interest. This was the first time in the state of Maryland that a public utility had been held liable for negligence resulting in an electrocution. In all other prior instances, the utilities won when challenged by other law firms.

  • $520,000 verdict against an organization for a slip-and-fall injury on their premises because of a defective emergency door.

Dog+animal Bite Cases


$2.6 million structured settlement negotiated for child who was mauled by 3 dogs.

  • The firm represented a child mauled by 3 dogs in a highly publicized case. The child nearly died from over 100 wounds. Mr. Cooper negotiated a settlement for the child involving payment of over $2.6 million. The child was personally visited by Michael Jackson because of the publicity involved.

Civil Rights Cases

$1.6 million verdict against the District of Columbia for an assault of an inmate causing severe brain damage.

  • The firm represented a young man who was assaulted by other inmates at a D.C. Youth Center; a gang was able to enter the sleeping victim's cell because the lock on the door had been broken for an extended period of time. Despite repeated requests, prison authorities failed to repair the damage until it was too late. The victim suffered permanent brain damage. The case cost the District of Columbia another record verdict of $1,600,000 at trial.

  • $600,000 verdict against the District of Columbia for the stabbing of an inmate.

    The firm represented a man stabbed in a D.C. jail by another inmate. A suit against the District of Columbia resulted in a verdict of $600,000 - the highest verdict as of that time ever returned in such a case against the D.C. government.

  • $600,000 verdict against the District of Columbia police for the brutal assault of a minor.

  • Many years ago, the firm represented a District of Columbia youth who was assaulted by officers of the Metropolitan Police Department. The case eventually reached the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, which ruled for the first time that the District could no longer be immune from such liability and could be held accountable for the negligence of its employees. It was this pivotal case that abolished governmental tort immunity and opened the floodgates of litigation for the actions and negligence of its employees.

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