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Where you can find answers after a Maryland car accident

Every motor vehicle accident is unique. There are different people, behaviors, conditions and consequences involved in every crash. However, one thing that accidents generally have in common is the fact that the people involved are left with more questions than they can answer themselves.

Distracted driving: it's about more than just texting

Every driver in Maryland knows (or should know) that driving while distracted is extremely dangerous. Sadly, as we discussed in this article, too many drivers are still causing accidents because they can't or won't avoid distraction. In fact, reports indicate that distraction-related accidents increased significantly between 2005 and 2010 and they continue to pose a very real threat to motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists across the country.

Who may be held liable after a car accident?

Car accident scenes can be very chaotic. There can be significant property damage, bystanders, police officers taking statements, and medical workers tending to injured people. When the immediate anxiety of the crash has subsided and after injuries have been treated, it is very common for victims to have several questions about their legal options and compensation.

Maryland lawmakers try to get out ahead of Google Glass

In recent years, states all across the U.S., including Maryland, have passed and strengthened laws banning different types of distracted driving. In this state, for example, drivers can be penalized for texting and for using a hand-held device for any reason. However, the laws that are now in place came in response to the overwhelming number of accidents caused by distracted drivers.

Maryland auto accident results in fatality

Any fatality resulting from a motor vehicle accident is a tragedy that ripples through many lives. Not only are the loved ones of the deceased affected, but if a negligent driver is involved, criminal penalties and wrongful death civil litigation changes the life of the negligent party as well. The state of Maryland has experienced a number of fatal motor vehicle accidents this year thus far, and sadly on May 11, another accident added to the numbers.

Motorcyclists push safety to prevent serious injury

Motorcyclist's deaths in accidents are on the increase in Maryland, prompting public officials to emphasize safety awareness. In 2012, 75 motorcyclists died in accidents in Maryland, according to the MVA Motorcycle Safety Program. That number was up from 66 in 2011. Part of the responsibility lies on motorcyclists and part of the responsibility lies on motorists to avoid car accidents.

Maryland car accident injuries three when driver drives wrong way

One of the scariest things for a driver cruising down a highway is to see another driver coming straight at them at lighting fast speeds. When a driver drives the wrong way down a highway, they often are travelling toward other vehicles at such a fast pace that the other drivers do not have an opportunity to react. When two cars travelling at high speed directly impact, the resulting car accidents are often tragic causing severe injuries and occasionally death.

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