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Does a victim of negligent driving have to worry about defenses?

When a motorist has struck a pedestrian, many juries in a personal injury lawsuit might be sympathetic. However, it important to remember that evidence demonstrating negligent driving must still be presented in a compelling narrative in order to meet a plaintiff's burden of proof. A plaintiff may also have to defend against any allegations of contributory negligence raised by the defendant. For these reasons, it is important for an injured pedestrian to consult with an attorney after an accident. 

Do legal drugs impair driving ability and increase crash risk?

Drunk driving gets quite a bit of press from safety advocacy groups. In fact, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration’s Highway Safety Office recently launched a campaign against drunk driving. The effort involved social media and other public awareness messages under the theme of “Beautiful Faces.”

Can police reports be used in a personal injury lawsuit?

When an individual is involved in a crash, the first action may be to call the police. Authorities that arrive on the scene may prepare a police report. Yet can that report be used to prove the other driver’s negligence in a subsequent personal injury lawsuit?

Speeding: the fastest way to a crash

Every driver understands that they are supposed to comply with speed limits on every road. Unfortunately, most drivers find themselves speeding at one time or another. But while it may not seem like a big deal to go a little faster than you should, the fact is speeding can and does lead to accidents all across Maryland.

Car makers, regulators don't always see eye-to-eye on defects

As consumers, we have the expectation that the products we purchase will be safe if used properly. Unfortunately, we cannot do much in the way of making sure that goods are built a certain way using certain products which is why we rely on strict government regulations and standards. Should a product fail to meet these guidelines, it can and typically is recalled.

What is whiplash?

One of the most common injuries people suffer after a car accident is whiplash. Unfortunately, it is also one that is regularly dismissed as being minor or exaggerated by victims. 

This month, focus on safety

Did you know that June is National Safety Month? This month every year, several organizations work together to raise awareness of steps that can be taken to improve safety across the country. Many of the areas they focus on involve staying safe in everyday situations, not just in times of emergency or a catastrophe.

The long-lasting impact of a motor vehicle collision

When we read about car accidents or learn that someone has been in a crash, many people assume that the injuries suffered by victims involve broken bones, cuts, bruises and maybe some back and neck pain. While this is often the case, the fact is that many of the injuries suffered in an accident are far more serious. Sadly, some damage can never be fully repaired.

Distracted driving: it's not just about texting

We have seen extensive efforts made to curb dangerous behaviors like texting and driving. Car makers have installed hands-free technology in their vehicles; safety advocate groups have launched massive awareness and educational campaigns; cellphone companies have been marketing apps that disable texting capabilities use while driving.

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