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What percentage of car crashes involve distracted driving?

When winter makes road conditions slippery, safe driving demands even more of a driver’s attention. Yet according to the Centers for Disease Control, over two-thirds of drivers between the ages of 18 and 64 continue to use their cell phones behind the wheels.

Getting home safely after you ring in the New Year

This evening is the last evening of 2015. Hopefully, you will be spending the last evening of the year with friends and loved ones. You may be attending a gathering at a friend’s home or you may ring in the New Year at a party in a spectacular venue somewhere crowded and more public in nature. No matter how you decide to spend your evening, it is important that you plan ahead so that you can ensure that you have a safe ride home.

Will driverless car technology affect personal injury lawsuits?

In a typical car accident claim, the plaintiff brings a civil lawsuit against the allegedly negligent driver of the other vehicle. In fact, another estimate cites human error as the cause in over 90 percent of the country’s annual fatal car accidents.

Ways a motor vehicle accident might invoke third party liability

Responsible drivers know that they should take care before getting behind the wheel if they have been drinking. Drunk driving laws also establish clear parameters for safety. A driver whose blood alcohol content is above the legal limit might be presumed to be negligent. Yet what about prescription medication?

Commentators voice concerns over brain injury assessments

The class action lawsuit brought by former NFL players suffering from brain injury or other symptoms of head trauma may have been a catalyst for new concussion laws passed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Those laws typically provide protocols for how student athletes should be treated after suffering head trauma. 

Can the damage done by negligent drunk drivers be quantified?

There may be some inherent risk associated with motor vehicle transportation. For example, there may be influences outside of a driver's control, such as black ice on wintery roads. Even momentary distraction behind the wheel might result in negligent driving and cause injury to others. Insurance policies attempt to mitigate some of this risk, and a personal injury law firm can help pursue additional compensation for victims of another driver's negligence.

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