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Trucker that killed Maryland family faces 20 years in prison

In what could be understood as at least a bit of solace for family members, justice appears to finally have been served for a Maryland family that was tragically killed in a truck accident when a trucker slammed into stopped traffic on an Interstate highway a year ago. The 37-year-old truck driver agreed to plead guilty to four counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of motor vehicle homicide of an unborn fetus. As a result, he will spend up to 20 years in prison.

Maryland car accident kills two

Driving is a fact of life for most people in Maryland. It is often necessary in order to get from point A to point B and also to transport and deliver goods. But, in today's fast paced and hectic life people often take on too much or get distracted at the wheel, which increases the risk of accident and traffic caused deaths, making the road less safe for all drivers and passengers.

Maryland motorcyclist killed in car accident

Drivers at all times must apply an appropriate level of care when driving to ensure the safety of others. There are certain travelers on the road that require that a driver use extra caution and follow the rules of the road, such as motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Each one of these travelers is on the road with less protection compared to the motor-vehicles with which they share the road. Motorcyclists are often the most at risk for accidents, due to the high speeds at which they drive. When a driver fails to recognize motorcyclists or other vulnerable travelers and cause an accident, they may be liable for any death or injuries suffered.

Maryland car accident involving multiple drivers kills 3

The death of a close family member can be tragic for family members, forever altering their lives. Such tragedies can also bring financial troubles to a family when the death involves someone in the prime of their life that is the primary provider for their family.

Maryland man is electrocuted to death on the job

Whether falling out of a tree, getting hit by an unruly branch or other dangers, trimming trees is a hazardous job that exposes workers to a variety of dangers every single day they go to work. There are certain jobs like trimming trees that carry greater risks than other jobs. Knowing those risks, employers are required to ensure that workers are as safe as possible. In the wake of a recent death of a Maryland worker, his family and friends a probably wondering if his employer took all possible safety precautions to prevent the fatal incident.

Maryland car accident involving multiple drivers kills three

In the summer months the number of people that take to the highway on motorcycles dramatically increases. The beautiful weather and long days make for gorgeous rides on Maryland's highways and country roads. Unfortunately, with the freedom and thrill of riding a motorcycle on a beautiful summer day come more motorcycle accidents and motorcycle related wrongful deaths.

Maryland car accident involving multiple drivers kills 3

At times a car accident can occur where more than one driver is to blame. When multiple drivers are driving too fast, are distracted or are under the influence, an accident may occur causing multiple injuries with multiple people found responsible.

Seven killed in truck accident caused by mechanical failure

Large tractor trailers on the freeway can pose a significant risk to other drivers when something goes wrong. As Maryland drivers know, semi-trucks are a frequent sight on the state's highways and interstates, providing a necessary service to the state's and nation's economies. But when something goes wrong due to driver or mechanical error the risk of a serious accident is high and can often result in wrongful death.

Maryland auto accident results in fatality

Any fatality resulting from a motor vehicle accident is a tragedy that ripples through many lives. Not only are the loved ones of the deceased affected, but if a negligent driver is involved, criminal penalties and wrongful death civil litigation changes the life of the negligent party as well. The state of Maryland has experienced a number of fatal motor vehicle accidents this year thus far, and sadly on May 11, another accident added to the numbers.

Pedestrian accident in Maryland results in one death

A pedestrian is particularly vulnerable to drivers. Without the exterior protection of a car, any individual walking or even biking is exposed to substantial potential danger. While the state of Maryland has laws in place to protect pedestrians from negligent or distracted drivers, accidents that result in wrongful death still occur.

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