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Driver not guilty of manslaughter but may face wrongful death suit

Negligent drivers may face criminal charges and wrongful death suits if they cause an accident that kills another. A Maryland SUV driver, that ran a red light and killed renowned jazzman Joe Byrd last spring, was acquitted of criminal negligent manslaughter Thursday. However, immediate family members of the decedent may bring a wrongful death suit against the SUV driver for financial injury surrounding the loss of their loved one. The driver was a 28-year-old from North Beach who was driving a 2003 GMC Yukon when he ran the light and hit Byrd's 2003 Volvo station wagon as it made a left turn.

Two from Maryland die in Beltway accident over the holiday

The holidays can be a time of cheer and joy for families. But unfortunately for some the joyous time can also bring tragedy. Due to the distances we travel on roads, rails and in the air, tragic accidents are inevitable during the holiday season.

Car loses control and kills Maryland man just trying to help on the highway

Tragedy can occur when an individual is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. This week a Maryland man who responded to a friend's request for help lost his life when a car lost control on a busy highway. A police investigation into the incident may help determine if there was any negligence involved in the accident. Such a finding could help the family of the man find relief in a wrongful death claim for the loss of their loved one.

Md. man convicted of negligent homicide after car accident

Family members of those killed in a car accident may find justice when the perpetrator of the crime that ended the life of their loved one is sentenced to prison, but that emotional satisfaction does not fill the economic gap that is left from their death. Civil actions including loss of support, services, lost prospect of inheritance, and medical and funeral expenses may also be brought to help suffering family members.

Maryland drivers with road rage causes tragic accident

Road rage seems innocent enough; a flip of the bird or perhaps riding a person's bumper, but sometimes road rage can turn into tragedy. For two vehicles traveling on Interstate 95 in Harford County, what started out as road rage ended in two dead, three injured and potentially a wrongful death lawsuit when the cars collided.

Update: Jury exonerates Maryland authorities in wrongful death suit

For many of us, including Maryland residents, when we think of a car crash, we assume that driving negligence was involved. However, sometimes a poorly designed or improperly maintained road or bridge can also contribute to an accident and serious injury. This is precisely what the father of a fatally injured Hartford County resident argued in a wrongful death civil suit against the state of Maryland.

Parents of Maryland family killed in car crash file suit

The parents of a Maryland family killed in a car crash in September recently filed a unique lawsuit in federal court. The lawsuit invokes a Nebraska law that extends legal protections to fetuses at any stage of development. It's the first time it's been raised since its 2003 enactment. The family killed in the wreck was a Maryland couple, their two children and their unborn son. The lawsuit cites this law which allows wrongful death claims for unborn fetuses.

Man dies after fall from train door

Maryland commuters and long-distance travelers use Amtrak by the thousands, enjoying the ability to sit back and relax on their journey, or even multitask and get some work done while they head to their destination. Every year, 25 million people utilize Amtrak trains. Tragically, since 1972, 40 people have been killed as a result of the sliding doors on these trains. Though the number may not be concerning in terms of scale, there are 40 families who have been put into mourning by these incidents.

Maryland woman dies in tragic car accident, child pulled from car

Tragedy can strike anytime or anywhere, forever altering the lives of family members. The lives of those who are dependent on a lost loved one, like a child who loses a parent, are especially vulnerable. When a parent is killed in tragic accident the surviving spouses and children may have the right to bring a wrongful death action to ensure that they are protected from financial challenges facing the family.

Maryland family asks for donations after tragic motorcycle accident

Nothing is more difficult than losing a loved one. The hole that is left following the death of a brother, a son, a mother, or a partner can often never be filled. Family members rely on those close to them for love, friendship and also for their financial contribution. Families facing a tragic death and the financial troubles that follow may find help with a wrongful death lawsuit. One Maryland family is facing such a realization after a tragic motorcycle accident.

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