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Hospitals' referrals to malpractice lawyers sparking debate

Would you accept a cheating spouse's referral of a divorce lawyer? What would you think if the person who caused your injuries in an accident offered you the name of an attorney to consult? In Maryland several medical systems have lists of screened lawyers they feel comfortable referring patients to for possible medical malpractice cases. It's a situation that is sparking debate within the ranks of medical and legal experts.

Access to ongoing pediatric care after birth can be key to life

There is nothing in the world that compares to the moment a parent gets to hold his or her newborn child for the first time. Every birth represents new possibilities for the child and the world. But the overriding concern for most parents, in Maryland and around the world, is whether their newborn is healthy.

January is National Birth Defects Prevention Month

Inherited heart defects are among the most common type of defects infants can have at birth. It might surprise many people to know that there are steps that expectant Maryland mothers can take to prevent some forms of defects, or at least reduce the chance that a newborn will suffer extended long-term effects because of the problem.

Science panel: Probable link between chemical and preeclampsia

The good news from one scientific panel is that exposure to the chemical C8 doesn't appear to cause an increased risk of a loss of a pregnancy, preterm or low-weight births, or birth defects. The bad news is that the three-member panel does believe there is a probable link between C8 exposure and pregnancy induced hypertension in mothers.

Brachial plexus, preventable birth injury if you have the info

It was Brachial Plexus Awareness Week recently. Did you happen to miss it? Don't feel bad. Falling, as it did, in the midst of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it was easy to overlook. Sadly, it is an issue Maryland personal injury attorneys experienced in dealing with birth injury are sensitive to.

Maryland rates average in reducing preterm births

A leading organization in the fight to improve the health of pregnant women and babies is the March of Dimes. One of its major causes is reducing premature births as a means of cutting infant mortality and birth injuries in the United States. The group just came out with new grades that rank the states for how they're doing to cut preterm births. Maryland comes out with only a C.

Government immunity a challenge for birth injury victim

Lawyers in Maryland with experience in medical malpractice events that result in birth injury know that a key to pursuing a claim is clearly showing that a provider, or medical facility, failed to follow the usual standard of care. Sometimes, though, that's not enough. Other factors can get in the way of an award for negligence being fulfilled.

Doctor gets mildest discipline possible for birth injury

Obstetricians go through a lot to get their license to practice professionally. They also tend to earn a lot of money as a result of their special training. But attorneys in Maryland with experience in birth injury law know that's no guarantee that mistakes won't occur during the delivery of a newborn. Babies who suffer trauma during birth may live with the damage for their entire lives, as will their families.

Birth trauma blamed for child's cerebral palsy

The arrival of a new life into the world is supposed to be cause for special celebration. Whether you are parents in Maryland or anywhere else, it is normal to depend on the expertise and experience of the medical professionals you engage for the whole term of the pregnancy and the delivery. It's a bitter pill when the child suffers a debilitating birth injury and it takes years to resolve resulting legal disputes.

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