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Summer construction means more road construction accidents

It would not be summer without an increase in road construction. As Maryland drivers continue to commute or pack up their cars for a vacation, the state's highways will be more clustered with pesky road construction. Road construction means waiting for hours in traffic and enduring annoying detours, but it also means an added risk for road construction workers to suffer a work injury.

Maryland police officer in training shot in accident

Some people have incredibly dangerous jobs. Farmers, policemen and policewomen and firefighters are among those that face a high risk of injury and death every day they go to work. But workers with dangerous jobs have access to the same benefits as those who sit behind a desk, safe from known workplace dangers.

Firefighters severely injured in fire engine accident

Seven people were hurt when a fire engine crashed with a tractor-trailer on the Capitol Beltway. Firefighters from West Lanham station were leaving an accident when they made an ill-advised U-turn on the road and collided with the tractor-trailer. Four firefighters were injured in the work injury crash and one had his arm severed from the elbow down.

CDC data reveals new bonus of paid sick leave: less work injuries

A fresh look at some data from the Centers for Disease Control seems to indicate that employees who are offered paid sick leave are less likely to suffer a work-related injury. The CDC data included roughly 38,000 workers between the years of 2005 and 2008 were studied to draw the unproven (but telling) conclusion.

New technology seeks to decrease workplace injuries

Workplace injuries are often associated with construction jobs and positions in other blue collar industries involving physical labor. With the amount of people spending their work hours in front of a computer, it's no wonder that attention is being given to the amount of injuries caused by sitting at a computer all day. Although these injuries aren't a result of workplace accidents per se, Maryland readers may be aware of the negative results of sitting at a computer; including back and neck pain, eyestrain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

NFL players now relying on workers' comp. for injury treatment

This is an interesting time for the NFL. Football fans are desperately hoping that the players and organization will settle on a new collective bargaining agreement. Obviously, however, fans aren't the only ones who have to deal with the uncertainty of the NFL's future.

Publishing house employee dies in Maryland workplace accident

Most of us head into a place of work every day. We spend more time working for our employers than we spend with our loved ones. But what is it all for? For many, our hard work comes from the motivation to support our families and live fulfilling lives.

New helmet design lowers risk of work-related brain injury in Army

A position in the armed forces is one of the most dangerous jobs a person can have. Whether serving with the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or any other division, service members put their lives on the line everyday to guard the security of our nation.

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