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Protect yourself and coworkers--know the facts about burns

Workplace safety is an ongoing concern for everyone on your team, and for good reason. As part of managing your safety, the state requires your employer to carry some kind of compensation insurance for injuries at the workplace. Effectively managing workplace safety means going beyond that though. It means working to ensure that you are properly trained to be safe during the conduct of your duties and to respond safely in the case of an accident, and speaking up to learn more if you feel underprepared.

Federal cuts could lead to increase in workplace accidents

It is difficult to be a Maryland resident and not know something about the infamous sequestration issues in Washington. Yet the details of the potential cuts can be complicated and thus escape many. It is important to know however that some cuts might affect government organizations such as OSHA whose efforts keep the workplace safe for employees. Unfortunately, these cuts could result in an increase in workplace accidents for Maryland residents.

Two Maryland highway workers killed on US 40

One of most dangerous jobs in America is working in highway construction. Workers are not only exposed to heavy equipment and dangerous chemicals but workers may also face inattentive drivers on the road. Work injuries can be devastating to construction workers and their families. Each year across America nearly 700 people die and more than 40,000 are injured in road-construction related accidents. In Maryland, between 2008 and 2011, 25 people have been killed in work-zone -- the majority of those fatalities were the drivers of vehicles.

Maryland construction workers injured after falling from building

There are a number of jobs in the country that carry great risks. From farmers to miners, truckers to factory workers, some jobs come with greater risk than others. One area where workers consistently face danger is in construction, with employers taking a number of precautions to attempt to keep workers safe among heavy equipment and dangerous tools.

Maryland worker killed in clean up work after Sandy

Maryland residents recovering from Superstorm Sandy most certainly know that tragedy can strike indiscriminately at anytime or anywhere. Even after the storm passes, the dangerous conditions left behind can result in accidents, including those that result in permanent disability or death.

CDC data reveals new bonus of paid sick leave: less work injuries

A fresh look at some data from the Centers for Disease Control seems to indicate that employees who are offered paid sick leave are less likely to suffer a work-related injury. The CDC data included roughly 38,000 workers between the years of 2005 and 2008 were studied to draw the unproven (but telling) conclusion.

Continued deaths mean ongoing questions re: Fort Detrick

Since the 1980s, residents near Fort Detrick in Maryland have been speculating about what effects base experiments may have had on the health of the nearby community. Now, the state health department is performing a large scale study on the rate of cancer growth in residents within two miles of the base. It's in response to continuing outcries over possible worker injury and wrongful death in the area.

Another worker injury at a Maryland concert venue

It was billed as the biggest rock event to hit the Eastern Shore. One worker isn't likely to remember it for the music, though. For him, the show in Salisbury will probably be recalled as the work accident that cost him part of his thumb.

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