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This new campaign makes young men aware of train accidents

If you are a passenger on a train, you may feel perfectly at ease, knowing trains are among the safest forms of transportation. But there are many reasons to be cautious around railroads. You need to stand well back from the tracks if you are on a platform waiting for the train to arrive. If you are in a car approaching a railroad crossing, you know that to be safe, you need to look both ways down the track before proceeding.

Know the facts about dog bites and kids

Accidents are a part of life, especially when you are trying to raise a family. Part of learning how to take care of your loved ones is learning how to see warning signs that help you to avert accidents as often as possible. Another big part, though, is learning how to deal with accidents after they happen and how to help your loved ones heal and get back on their feet. That's why it is essential to be prepared for common mishaps like car accidents and animal bites.

What to do if a dog attacks

Injuries from animal attacks are an unfortunate and relatively uncommon experience, but your individual risk relates a lot more to your social network and your local community than to anything else. The fact is, because dogs are both highly trainable and fairly communicative, dog attack risks have a lot to do with how animals are generally treated and what purposes their owners have in keeping them. If you live near people who cultivate hunting or attack traits in their dogs, or if you live in an area with a large population where you don't know all the pets and know which ones are safe, then attacks can be a concern for you and for your family.

After the accident: Are there other sources of revenue?

It was a bright sunny day--the falls leaves were in color and a bike ride seemed like the perfect way to spend the day. You were just hitting a nice pace when the car coming toward you veered out of his lane and into yours. Suddenly, you were struck and the last thing you remember was being loaded into an ambulance.

Don't take a chance--take your time

More and more cities and towns are becoming friendly to those who seek non-vehicle transportation. Bike lanes are proliferating, scooters are becoming common and many people are finding that their feet are the best mode of transportation to work or school. But does it come with a price?

School sports and concussions: What you need to know

Back to school means new clothes, backpacks and school supplies. But with the return to school comes the return of school sports and with that, school-sports injuries. From twisted ankles to broken bones to concussions, it's important to be aware of the risks involved in any sporting activity.

Pedestrians should walk smart to stay safe in Maryland

The transportation industry may focus on auto accidents, but pedestrians face graver dangers. In 2013, the last year for which data was available, one pedestrian was killed every two hours in the U.S. A total of 4,735 pedestrians died from auto accidents across the country that year; 110 of these in Maryland. Learn how to walk smart to stay safe from auto accidents. This is increasingly important as more drivers engage in distracted driving, whether from Pokémon GO, texting or talking on the phone.

Bicycling and Involved in a Crash? Here's What To Do

Bicycling can be a lot of fun, and can also be a great way to get exercise, spend time in nature, or even get to work without fighting so much traffic. But riding a bicycle can also make you vulnerable to getting into an accident with a car or truck that is not paying attention to a much smaller vehicle sharing the road. Additionally, many drivers aren't clear on the rules for bicycles, so they may not be sure whether to yield to you, move over, or take another course of action that could help protect you and keep you from getting into an accident.

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