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What is the standard of proof in a wrongful death suit?

When a loved one in Maryland dies due to the negligent, intentional or reckless actions of another, their family members may endure more than just emotional suffering. Financial suffering in the form of medical expenses, lost earning potential, pain and suffering and loss of companionship can be crippling. In these situations, the victim's survivors may wish to pursue a wrongful death suit. Should they do so, however, it is important to understand what the burden of proof they will need to carry will be in order to succeed.

What types of damages may qualify for legal recovery?

Maryland residents do not often consider being involved in a car accident, let alone what injuries and damages they will suffer in the incident. While it is not a desirable topic to ponder, the truth is that many car accidents could result in serious injuries and significantly impact the life of the injured party. Because a victim's life could drastically change due to the injuries suffered in a crash, it is important to understand the legal remedies available and what damages could be recovered in a personal injury claim.

Coping with the aftermath of a catastrophic accident in Maryland

As you drive down Maryland's streets and highways, you'll encounter many types of vehicles including cars, buses, motorcycles and semi-trucks. Certainly no one expects to be involved in a traffic accident. Yet every day accidents occur that could change a victim's life forever.

Filing a wrongful death suit in Maryland

There is nothing more tragic than losing a loved one due to the negligent actions of another. Whether it is through a car crash, a doctor's error, an occupational disease or through another wrongful act, losing a loved one is never easy. The loved ones left behind are not only suffering an emotional loss, but they may soon find they are experiencing financial difficulties as well. This may be particularly the case if the deceased was the main income-earner for the family. When this happens, the victim's loved ones may want to pursue a wrongful death suit.

Victims of semi-truck crashes in Maryland can seek legal help

Driving near semi-trucks can certainly be a white-knuckle experience for many drivers in Maryland, especially when the truck driver is driving aggressively or erratically. After all, loaded trucks can weigh tens of thousands of pounds. The size of these vehicles not only magnifies the destruction they can cause in a collision, but also affect numerous motorists in one fell swoop.

Can you be compensated for missed work after an accident?

It is an unfortunate fact that accidents happen every day in Maryland. Whether it is a car accident, an accident at work or a slip-and-fall accident, they all have the potential to cause serious injuries. Injuries such as broken bones are common, but in the worst of circumstances a person could be left permanently disabled due to injuries suffered in an accident caused by another person's negligence.

Alleged police brutality leads to wrongful death suit

People taken into police custody in Maryland still have Constitutional rights. Unfortunately, some police officers ignore these laws and engage in cruelty and violence. This is just what allegedly happened to two Maryland men, one of whom was killed in the incident.

2 dead in hit-and-run incident following heated argument

Almost everyone in Maryland gets in an argument with another person once in a while. Although angry words may be slung back and forth, it isn't unheard of for such arguments to turn into a physical altercation. However, one woman took what was a simple argument one step too far when she attempted to run down another woman and two children.

'Tough Mudder' drowning fatality leads to wrongful death suit

"Tough Mudder" obstacle courses are becoming widely known as fun way for athletes to show off their skills. The event, which began in 2010, is now held in cities worldwide. That being said, participant safety should be the foremost concern when it comes to events such as this.

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