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Know the facts about brain injury

One of the most commonly misunderstood forms of injury is traumatic brain injury, or TBI. It affects more people than most generally realize, and because the effects of such injuries tend to take a long time to reveal themselves, spotting signs of a TBI can be difficult. At the same time, though, they can be most effectively treated if they are caught early, so learning to identify when you or someone else has received a brain injury can make a big difference in the prospects for recovery by helping to insure that injured people do not -injure themselves.

Hit-and-run accident leaves police searching for driver

While all car accidents in Maryland are serious and deserve attention, hit-and-run accidents can be especially concerning. This is because it can be difficult to identify a fleeing driver in order to hold him or her legally responsible for his or her negligence.

What types of damages may qualify for legal recovery?

Maryland residents do not often consider being involved in a car accident, let alone what injuries and damages they will suffer in the incident. While it is not a desirable topic to ponder, the truth is that many car accidents could result in serious injuries and significantly impact the life of the injured party. Because a victim's life could drastically change due to the injuries suffered in a crash, it is important to understand the legal remedies available and what damages could be recovered in a personal injury claim.

Maryland Bishop accused in fatal bicycle accident

It is not uncommon for drivers in Maryland to share the road with bicyclists. Whether there is a bike lane or the cyclist is on the roadway traveling near moving vehicles, drivers and bikers should be aware of safety tips and regulations that help promote safe traveling for both forms of transportation. Despite the effort to increase the safety between these two, accidents involving motor vehicles and bicycles do occur. Unfortunately, these types of accident also involve serious and even fatal injuries.

Proving liability in a Maryland slip and fall accident

The holiday season is a time of year when residents in Maryland and elsewhere travel. Whether they are shopping, going out or visiting a friend, an individual will often encounter icy sidewalks during the winter months. While these areas are frequently salted to avoid falls from the icy surface, if a property owner fails to take the necessary steps to ensure safety, a serious slip and fall accident could occur. This could lead to serious injuries and premises liability issues.

Plane crash in Gaithersburg, Maryland, kills six

A tragic accident unfolded in Gaithersburg, Maryland, recently when a jet plane crashed into a Maryland home, killing six people. The plane also collided with two other homes, but no one was inside those dwellings at the time.

Maryland retailers -- keep your shoppers safe this holiday season

With Black Friday behind us and holiday shopping in full swing, many residents of Maryland are converging on the state's malls and shopping centers to snag the season's "must haves." However, it is important for Maryland retailers to exercise due care in keeping their premises safe for shoppers this holiday season.

Gaithersburg accident claims the life of bicyclist

Many residents of Montgomery County ride bicycles. Bicycles are a great way to get some exercise, and for many riding is simply fun in and of itself. Unfortunately, when bicycles and motor vehicles share the road, there is a potential for car accidents.

Accessing medical records in a wrongful death suit

When someone in Maryland goes to the doctor's office, they expect a certain amount of confidentiality between themselves and their physician regarding their medical care. Legally, this is known as the physician-patient privilege, and in general it means that unless the privilege is waived, a doctor cannot disclose a person's private medical information to another individual. However, this can cause issues when it comes to filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Truck drivers in Maryland must follow federal regulations

Driving a semi-truck or other large commercial vehicle in Maryland can be a risky business. There is always the danger of car accidents, the effects of which are multiplied when these heavy-weight vehicles are involved. That is why it is so important for truck drivers to be awake and alert while on the road. The federal government recognizes this, and has set forth standards for truck drivers regarding the number of consecutive hours truck drivers can be on the road and what types of rest periods they must take.

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