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Birth defects allegedly caused by antidepressant

The excitement of having a new child can all too often be diminished by concerns for the child's health. Maryland parents know that Newborn babies are vulnerable to a number of health problems. But when a health concern derives from something that could have been prevented, it is incredibly difficult on parents and the family.

Access to ongoing pediatric care after birth can be key to life

There is nothing in the world that compares to the moment a parent gets to hold his or her newborn child for the first time. Every birth represents new possibilities for the child and the world. But the overriding concern for most parents, in Maryland and around the world, is whether their newborn is healthy.

January is National Birth Defects Prevention Month

Inherited heart defects are among the most common type of defects infants can have at birth. It might surprise many people to know that there are steps that expectant Maryland mothers can take to prevent some forms of defects, or at least reduce the chance that a newborn will suffer extended long-term effects because of the problem.

Researchers claim motor vehicle fumes could cause birth defects

Most parents will tell you that their desire to protect and shelter their children began long before they were born. Medical experts have testified for years about the importance of prenatal health to a child's future. With this in mind, an entire industry of books, vitamins, and other products has arisen advising soon-to-be parents on how best to care for their unborn baby.

Chemical linked to birth defects banned from formula containers

Have you heard of a dangerous chemical called BPA? BPA, or Bisphenol A, has been linked to reproductive troubles, birth defects and cancer. Humans typically ingest the chemical as it leaks out of plastic food and drink containers, as well as containers which hold canned or processed foods.

FDA discovers birth defect complications caused by topiramate

Parents want the best for their children, starting before they're even born. Many mothers and fathers will research the best foods to eat, supplements to take, and even activities to stimulate and help develop their unborn baby's brain. Parents pay close attention to prenatal care in an effort to protect the health of this new life they've created.

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