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Car accident prevention of driverless cars decades away

Whether it is a daily commute to work or a long drive to a vacation destination, most Maryland drivers would rather be doing something else with their time than sitting behind the wheel. The companies pouring money into driverless car technology are counting on this selling point but the most important factor is safety. Despite the potentially enormous benefits in reducing accidents, autonomous cars are likely to remain in the future for a good while longer.

Wearable device to combat drowsy driving

While drowsy driving may not share the same reputation as drunk driving, it can present the same danger on the road. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year, as many as 6,000 fatal traffic accidents in the United States are due to drowsy driving. Maryland motorists who are concerned about falling asleep behind the wheel may be interested to know that they may be able to use a new device to keep themselves awake.

Winners emerge from IIHS car accident safety tests

Results from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety crash tests show Maryland drivers have a number of new choices in the large and luxury classes. An article in USA Today helps explain why this is important in terms of the criteria for an automobile being designated a Top Safety Pick Plus. It also details why Tesla and others were not selected for the category.

Self-driving cars raise safety concerns

Many safety advocates in Maryland and around the country are concerned about the potential roadway repercussions of the development of self-driving cars. While a number of major corporations are pursuing projects related to autonomous vehicles, consumer advocates are urging enhanced safety testing and certifications for the vehicles.

Tips for handling a car accident

There are certain steps that all drivers who are in Maryland car accidents should take and some that are particularly important for people who are not at fault. In the immediate aftermath of an accident, it is important for people to remain calm and check themselves and others for injuries. People who are injured should not be moved unless it is absolutely necessary. However, vehicles should be moved out of the road if possible so that they do not cause another accident.

Researchers study fatal crashes involving children

Maryland's strict child passenger safety laws likely save many lives each year according to research from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Harvard University. Children between 8 and 16 years of age in Maryland must be secured by a safety belt or restraint whether they sit in the front or the back of vehicles, and a study of 18,116 fatal crashes suggests that the lives of 230 children could be saved each year around the country if seat belt use increased by just 10 percent.

Device could help police to identify distracted drivers

The number of road users killed in distracted driving accidents in Maryland and around the country has increased sharply in recent years, and most experts say that this alarming trend is largely the result of motorists using cellphones to access the internet or send text messages. Police often find it difficult to prove that this contributed to accidents because they must obtain search warrants before examining cellphones, and this is not generally done unless serious injuries or fatalities have occurred.

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