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Companies failing to improve work injury reporting

Maryland sustainable organizations that have not made collecting data about workplace injuries and illnesses a priority are part of a larger trend. The Center for Safety and Health Sustainability has reported that large and influential sustainable companies have failed to achieve common safety standards.

Repairing water pipes with common method may be hazardous

Maryland construction workers who regularly repair water pipes as part of their jobs may often use a common method known as the cured-in-place repair method. While this method was traditionally thought to be safe for workers, research suggests that it could cause exposure to harmful chemicals, including known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors.

Safety guidelines for confined space work issued by OSHA

In consultation with the National Association of Home Builders, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has released safety guidelines for work in confined spaces that is performed by construction workers in Maryland and around the country. They are meant specifically for workers in residential construction so that their injury risks will be decreased.

Professional stuntman dies following on-set accident

Maryland residents who follow "The Walking Dead" may be interested to learn that a stuntman died from an accident that occurred while filming an episode for the show on July 13. The man was pronounced dead later the same day when he was taken off his ventilator following an unsuccessful organ donation.

Trench accident fatalities

When it comes to construction jobs in Maryland and elsewhere, trenching is considered to be one of the most dangerous tasks due to the risk of collapse. If a trench does collapse, for example, the weight of the dirt making up the walls could crush workers. In 2016 alone, there were more than 20 fatalities resulting from collapsed trenches.

NSC praises Maryland lawmakers in State of Safety report

Maryland was one of seven states to be awarded a passing grade of B by the National Safety Council in the nonprofit group's audit of the nation's safety laws. The NSC graded states based on how well they protect their residents from accidents in the home, at work and on the roads. While no state was considered worthy of an A, eleven received a scathing F. The State of Safety report was released by the NSC as the organization wrapped up its annual National Safety Month initiative at the end of June. Accidental deaths in the United States have increased by 7 percent since 2014, and traffic, household and workplace accidents now claim the lives of more than 140,000 Americans each year.

Young workers and the risk of injury

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, there were 19.1 million workers younger than 24 years old in 2015. That represented 13 percent of the American workforce. However, younger workers in Maryland and elsewhere may be faced with hazards such as working on substandard equipment or receiving inadequate training. In 2015, 403 workers under the age of 24 died while on the job.

Poultry industry singled out for unsafe working conditions

Maryland employees often end up suffering the consequences when their employers fail to comply fully with OSHA regulations. Data analysis presented by the National Employment Law Project has prompted the claim that the poultry industry is creating unsafe working conditions leading to a high rate of severe work injury. The data came from OSHA and spanned a 21-month period ending in September 2016. The report included comparisons between the poultry industry and other industries, and some of the worst corporate offenders were singled out.

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