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Birth Injuries Archives

The causes and complications of shoulder dystocia

Although shoulder dystocia only appears in a small percentage of Maryland births, it can result in long-term health complications, permanent disability or even death in rare cases. This condition occurs when one or both of the infant's shoulders get stuck in the mother's pelvis, sometimes resulting in a difficult birth.

Judge awards more than $41 million in birth injury case

Maryland patients who have been harmed by negligence at a federally-funded medical facility may sue the federal government despite a general prohibition against most such actions. Under the Federal Tort Claims Act, there is an exception for cases of medical malpractice.

Klumpke's palsy may be related to negligent delivery

Maryland children may suffer from Klumpke's palsy if some of their brachial plexus nerves were damaged during birth. The lowest two brachial plexus nerves are responsible for movement of the hands and forearms, and damage to these nerves can cause paralysis in those areas. Some children with Klumpke's palsy also experience paralysis in the flexors that control their wrists.

Hypoxia treatment can prevent permanent disabilities

Many babies that are born in Maryland suffer from hypoxia at birth. Hypoxia is caused by inadequate oxygen to the brain before, during or after childbirth. When mild hypoxia is treated swiftly and correctly, it usually does not lead to permanent disabilities. However, a lifelong disorder can result from moderate or severe hypoxia and hypoxia that is not properly treated.

Injury of the brachial plexus at birth

As the time of delivery approaches for a pregnant woman, a Maryland health care provider might recommend interventions such as surgical delivery to avoid dangers for the baby or the mother. Such interventions have made it possible to reduce the risks of birth injuries such as neonatal brachial plexus palsy, a condition that involves nerve damage to an upper extremity. NBPP can occur through pulling or pressure in the area of the head, neck, or shoulders as the infant moves through the birth canal.

Congenital cerebral palsy risk factors, preventative measures

With cerebral palsy, children lose control of their muscles. The condition is the result of damage to or an abnormal development in the brain, and several factors may be causes. Congenital CP is the result of damage to the brain before or during birth, and Maryland parents-to-be might be surprised that 85 to 90 percent of CP cases are congenital.

Medical advances haven't greatly impacted cerebral palsy rates

Cerebral palsy has been widely believed to result from birth trauma -- specifically neonatal encephalopathy and birth asphyxia. Neonatal encephalopathy involves a disturbance of neurologic function. It usually occurs in the early days of an infant's life.

Are shorter FDA drug review times creating more patient risk?

In today’s complex pharmaceutical market, birth injuries resulting from medication errors are a very real threat. Side effects from new prescription drugs may not surface until after the drug has been released on the market and consumed by unsuspecting patients. 

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