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August 2017 Archives

Car accident prevention of driverless cars decades away

Whether it is a daily commute to work or a long drive to a vacation destination, most Maryland drivers would rather be doing something else with their time than sitting behind the wheel. The companies pouring money into driverless car technology are counting on this selling point but the most important factor is safety. Despite the potentially enormous benefits in reducing accidents, autonomous cars are likely to remain in the future for a good while longer.

Companies failing to improve work injury reporting

Maryland sustainable organizations that have not made collecting data about workplace injuries and illnesses a priority are part of a larger trend. The Center for Safety and Health Sustainability has reported that large and influential sustainable companies have failed to achieve common safety standards.

The causes and complications of shoulder dystocia

Although shoulder dystocia only appears in a small percentage of Maryland births, it can result in long-term health complications, permanent disability or even death in rare cases. This condition occurs when one or both of the infant's shoulders get stuck in the mother's pelvis, sometimes resulting in a difficult birth.

Motorcycle riding is riskier for seniors

Motorcycles are not inexpensive, and it is ironic that when you are finally able to afford the Yamaha or Hog of your dreams, the purchase may come with risks you may not have considered. During the past two decades, the average age of motorcyclists has increased, and so has the rate of injuries.

Repairing water pipes with common method may be hazardous

Maryland construction workers who regularly repair water pipes as part of their jobs may often use a common method known as the cured-in-place repair method. While this method was traditionally thought to be safe for workers, research suggests that it could cause exposure to harmful chemicals, including known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors.

Safety guidelines for confined space work issued by OSHA

In consultation with the National Association of Home Builders, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has released safety guidelines for work in confined spaces that is performed by construction workers in Maryland and around the country. They are meant specifically for workers in residential construction so that their injury risks will be decreased.

Wearable device to combat drowsy driving

While drowsy driving may not share the same reputation as drunk driving, it can present the same danger on the road. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year, as many as 6,000 fatal traffic accidents in the United States are due to drowsy driving. Maryland motorists who are concerned about falling asleep behind the wheel may be interested to know that they may be able to use a new device to keep themselves awake.

How to handle a DUI traffic stop

When you make the decision to drive after consuming alcohol in Maryland, you are gambling with your life and freedom. No matter how conservatively you drink, law enforcement is always around somewhere watching the roads and waiting for someone like you. An officer only needs probable cause to pull you over.

Professional stuntman dies following on-set accident

Maryland residents who follow "The Walking Dead" may be interested to learn that a stuntman died from an accident that occurred while filming an episode for the show on July 13. The man was pronounced dead later the same day when he was taken off his ventilator following an unsuccessful organ donation.

Fatal injuries prompt fears over lack of sprinklers

Maryland residents who are concerned about the risk of high-rise apartment building fires and the lack of basic safety measures to thwart these tragedies may want to look closer at the issue of sprinkler system mandates. Many cities across the U.S. have grandfathered in residential high-rises that were built before mandates were put in place. This essentially means that owners and managers of the building are under no legal obligation to update their premises.

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