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June 2017 Archives

Tips for handling a car accident

There are certain steps that all drivers who are in Maryland car accidents should take and some that are particularly important for people who are not at fault. In the immediate aftermath of an accident, it is important for people to remain calm and check themselves and others for injuries. People who are injured should not be moved unless it is absolutely necessary. However, vehicles should be moved out of the road if possible so that they do not cause another accident.

Family seeks $1 million after waterborne disease kills daughter

When people in Maryland visit a water park to have some fun, they likely lack awareness of the risk of infection by a microorganism. A wrongful death lawsuit brought forward by the family of a young woman who died after becoming infected with a brain-eating amoeba at an outdoor recreational park includes the accusation that visitors were not made fully aware of the risks.

Amusement parks pose risk of injuries

Amusement parks in Maryland and across the United States pose a unique challenge for insurance companies. Because these premises hold a whole set of dangers and attract often youthful and reckless participants, special insurance policies are necessary for most amusement park owners and ride manufacturers.

Is legal support needed for an OAH hearing?

There are a number of reasons for a hearing at the Motor Vehicle Administration's Office of Administrative Hearings, or OAH. For example, you may have received a notice about a hearing date relative to your DUI charge, but it might be four to six weeks down the road. Meanwhile, you need transportation to get to work, so you are driving on a suspended license. This is not a good idea.

Settlement enables victim of building collapse to live at home

The botched demolition of a building that struck a Salvation Army thrift store full of shoppers shocked people in Maryland and across the country when it happened in 2013. One 55-year-old woman remained trapped under rubble for 13 hours and then lost in her legs and part of her torso after multiple operations. Out of a settlement fund of $227 million, the arbitrator awarded her $95.6 million because of her need for constant lifelong medical care. Her lawyer said that the settlement will allow her to live with her family instead of in a nursing home.

The information you should collect following a car accident

If you should have a vehicle accident, you hope it will only be a fender-bender, but you may become involved in a more serious car crash. If you know that the other party was responsible, you will want to file a claim for any injuries you received and the damage to your car or truck.

Drunk drivers may enter the ignition interlock program

Maryland has the ninth-highest ignition interlock usage rate in the country. The program, monitored by the Motor Vehicle Administration, has been in force since 1989, and it works. Depending on the charge, the consequences require some drivers to enter the program. Others may elect to participate instead of requesting a hearing for their drunk driving charge and to regain their suspended or revoked driver's license.

Risk factors for bicycle-related injuries

The Maryland State Highway Administration estimates that about 750 cyclists suffer injuries each year on Maryland roads. The SHA has a bicycle safety education program called "A Cyclist Might Be Someone You Know," which is a campaign asking motorists and cyclists to pay attention to the road and remember that cyclists have a family and friends who want the rider to return home safely. As a cyclist, it is important to follow the rules of the road and to have the proper equipment.

This new campaign makes young men aware of train accidents

If you are a passenger on a train, you may feel perfectly at ease, knowing trains are among the safest forms of transportation. But there are many reasons to be cautious around railroads. You need to stand well back from the tracks if you are on a platform waiting for the train to arrive. If you are in a car approaching a railroad crossing, you know that to be safe, you need to look both ways down the track before proceeding.

Reducing risks when hosting a party at home

Many Maryland residents enjoy hosting parties and get-togethers at their homes. However, it is important that they take steps to protect themselves and their guests by removing certain hazards or mitigating potentially dangerous situations. This is because if an accident happens, the homeowner could potentially be held responsible depending on the circumstances.

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