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June 2013 Archives

High payouts in birth injury cases lead to changes at MD hospital

Baltimore's City Health Commissioner is concerned with the city's hospital services surrounding childbirth and care of the mother. She noted that one of her top priorities is to lower infant deaths and birth injuries. The concern comes from heightened scrutiny of the hospitals and doctors over fear of litigation and higher costs that will limit the hospitals' ability to serve mothers with childbirth services.

Woman awarded $4 million after slip-and-fall accident

It is easy to forget in the summer months how much snow Maryland receives in the winter and how it can dramatically impact people's lives. For one woman the neglectful snow-removal by a condominium development's managing agent caused her severe pain and suffering after she slipped and fell on slippery patch outside of her home.

Maryland car accident involving multiple drivers kills 3

At times a car accident can occur where more than one driver is to blame. When multiple drivers are driving too fast, are distracted or are under the influence, an accident may occur causing multiple injuries with multiple people found responsible.

Worker injured on Maryland interstate saved by heroic rescue

There are some jobs that place employees in incredibly dangerous situations almost every single day. One job that people do not always think of as a dangerous job is working as a tow-truck driver. Drivers must respond to a number of locations and help people in a variety of dangerous situations. Recently, one tow-truck driver was responding to an accident on a Maryland interstate when he was injured in a work accident.

Police officer's mistake injures two children in MD. car accident

It is a peace officer's responsibility to serve and protect the community and to the best of their ability keep the public from harm. But on occasion, an officer can make a mistake that causes another to be injured. When such an injury occurs, while the officer is in hot pursuit of a criminal or simply not paying close attention to the road while driving, the injured victim or victims may be compensated for their injuries.

Injured customer sues world's richest company

Any business, whether large or small businesses, may at some point make a mistake that leads to a customer suffering an injury. When such an accident occurs it opens the door to a premises liability claim against the business -- even when the company is a large multi-national company with millions of customers.

Seven killed in truck accident caused by mechanical failure

Large tractor trailers on the freeway can pose a significant risk to other drivers when something goes wrong. As Maryland drivers know, semi-trucks are a frequent sight on the state's highways and interstates, providing a necessary service to the state's and nation's economies. But when something goes wrong due to driver or mechanical error the risk of a serious accident is high and can often result in wrongful death.

Maryland construction worker killed working on project

Construction work can be incredibly dangerous when workers are surrounded by heavy equipment and large machinery. When things go wrong at a construction site workers are often put in serious harm's way that can cause severe work injury and even death. Workers involved in such accidents have the right to adequate compensation for their injuries through the workers' compensation legal system.

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