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May 2013 Archives

Car accident victim dragged for miles beneath car

Dangerous weather conditions can lead to serious car accidents on the road. To avoid such accidents motorists must drive with extra caution. As Maryland drivers understand, it takes experience for motorists to become accustomed to certain weather conditions and without adequate attention to the road, accidents are likely to occur. When a driver is driving recklessly, dangerous conditions on the road mean the likelihood of car accidents increases dramatically.

Parents sue hospital after unnecessary surgery on their child

Commonly, an injury at birth occurs when a medical professional fails to respond to some concern during a pregnancy or during the delivery. Maryland families are keenly aware of such injuries, but on rare occasions, a birth injury can result from an action taken by medical staff after the birth and even after the newborn has suffered no noticeable harm. Parents of an intersex child are suing a hospital after their child's genitals were removed, claiming that the surgery was medically unnecessary and violated their child's constitutional rights.

Maryland auto accident results in fatality

Any fatality resulting from a motor vehicle accident is a tragedy that ripples through many lives. Not only are the loved ones of the deceased affected, but if a negligent driver is involved, criminal penalties and wrongful death civil litigation changes the life of the negligent party as well. The state of Maryland has experienced a number of fatal motor vehicle accidents this year thus far, and sadly on May 11, another accident added to the numbers.

Summer construction means more road construction accidents

It would not be summer without an increase in road construction. As Maryland drivers continue to commute or pack up their cars for a vacation, the state's highways will be more clustered with pesky road construction. Road construction means waiting for hours in traffic and enduring annoying detours, but it also means an added risk for road construction workers to suffer a work injury.

Motorcyclists push safety to prevent serious injury

Motorcyclist's deaths in accidents are on the increase in Maryland, prompting public officials to emphasize safety awareness. In 2012, 75 motorcyclists died in accidents in Maryland, according to the MVA Motorcycle Safety Program. That number was up from 66 in 2011. Part of the responsibility lies on motorcyclists and part of the responsibility lies on motorists to avoid car accidents.

Maryland car accident injuries three when driver drives wrong way

One of the scariest things for a driver cruising down a highway is to see another driver coming straight at them at lighting fast speeds. When a driver drives the wrong way down a highway, they often are travelling toward other vehicles at such a fast pace that the other drivers do not have an opportunity to react. When two cars travelling at high speed directly impact, the resulting car accidents are often tragic causing severe injuries and occasionally death.

Pedestrian accident in Maryland results in one death

A pedestrian is particularly vulnerable to drivers. Without the exterior protection of a car, any individual walking or even biking is exposed to substantial potential danger. While the state of Maryland has laws in place to protect pedestrians from negligent or distracted drivers, accidents that result in wrongful death still occur.

Maryland man crashes car into two homes while under influence

Some car accidents involve zero physical injuries, but major property damages, whether to an automobile or an individual's property. A Maryland man recently was arrested after he crashed his pickup truck into a home in Harford County. The crash caused a propane gas line to rupture and the home to consequently burst into flames. The man then managed to back into a neighboring home, knocking it off its foundation and proceeded to drive through both the yards of both homes before fleeing the scene.

Maryland man dies running an obstacle course

An injury from an organized event on another's property means that the property owner may be liable for the injuries. But there are some activities that the law considers to be inherently dangerous or that pose such a high risk of injury that a person engaging in that activity must take responsibility by signing a waiver that requires him or her to assume responsibility for any injury or death that might occur. Nonetheless, engaging in dangerous activity or signing a waiver does not always mean that a property owner cannot be found liable for an accident under premises liability law. For example. if the owner is found to negligently maintain their property, he or she may still be liable for any accidents that occur on the property.

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