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April 2013 Archives

Local baseball player not hindered by birth injury

Having a child can be one of the happiest times in a person's life. But if the child ends up with a birth injury, it can lead to serious consequences for the child later in life. Having a child with a birth injury can lead to additional medical care for the child. If the birth injury is due to the negligence of either prenatal care or the delivery, the parents may have a right to seek compensation for the injury.

Cyclist seeks $3 million in streetcar track accident

As Maryland readers may know, the law holds that property owners and occupiers have a legal responsibility to take some measures to prevent accidents and injuries on the property under their control. Accidents frequently occur when a member of the public is injured by a defect on a public sidewalk or roadway or due to negligence by a public employee. In these instances the accident victim may have cause to file a dangerous premises lawsuit against the governmental entity responsible for safety and maintenance. However, bodies of government often try to avoid liability by asserting that the doctrine of sovereign immunity protects them against private lawsuits. Maryland residents injured in an accident on public property need to be aware that the government is not immune from liability for negligence and that it is important to act quickly after an accident in order to preserve their legal rights.

Four teenagers killed in tragic Maryland car accident

Four young men driving a Volkswagen sedan were killed in a head-on crash near Chester on Maryland's Eastern Shore. The accident happened at around 4 p.m. on April 10. Those killed were between the ages of 18 and 19. The local volunteer fire department responded to the accident and firefighters recognized one of the victims as an emergency medical technician and firefighter who worked for their department.

Semi truck accident kills entire Maryland family

It is incredibly tragic to lose a family member to the negligence of another in a car accident. Even more devastating is losing multiple family members in one accident. This is the tragedy that befell a Maryland family last year when their vehicles were struck by a semi trailer. While no amount of money can replace the lives lost from such an accident, a wrongful death claim can help surviving family members cope with the financial aftermath of a tragedy.

Worker injured by semi truck in industrial accident

Industrial accidents caused by falling debris, equipment failure, or other accidents can lead to loss of income and debilitating medical expenses for an injured worker. Employers are obligated to pay workers compensation benefits to injured workers. These benefits include lost income, medical costs and compensation for disability. But sometimes a work injury is caused by the negligence of a party other than the employer, in which case the worker may have other options.

Slip-and-fall accidents not limited to icy sidewalks

Many Silver Spring residents choose, for one reason or another, to live in an apartment or other unit in a rental complex. Young people just starting out may need time to save up for a home, while some older residents may prefer to have a landlord to take care of yard and building maintenance and handyman chores around the home. However, it is important that renters not allow themselves to feel intimidated into silence when hazardous conditions on the premises lead to an accident and injury, because they have the right to pursue a premises liability claim in many situations.

Man drives wrong way down MD. expressway causes car accident

It is a scary moment for any parent to give a teenager the keys to the family vehicle. Teenagers are notorious for their inexperience and often distracted driving. And nothing is worse for a parent then a phone call early in the morning from a teenager that has been in a car accident.

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