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March 2013 Archives

Maryland car accident could result in wrongful death claim

As Maryland families hit the roads to commute to work, school and home, they put their lives at risk daily. We often take an uneventful drive to the grocery story for granted. In reality, vehicles are dangerous products that possess the potential to seriously harm others when operated by a negligent driver. Tragedy can occur when the proper safety precautions are ignored. That was unfortunately the case for a 56-year-old Bel Air woman, who was recently involved in a potential wrongful death scenario.

Restaurants may be liable for drunk driving crashes in Maryland

Maryland may join other states in the country in imposing so-called "dram shop" laws. Dram shop laws allow victims of drunk driving accidents or their families to hold bars and restaurants accountable for wrongful death, injury or other damages caused by a drunk customer of the establishment. This week the Maryland Court of Appeals heard an appeal in a case that could expand liability to Maryland restaurants for patrons they serve who then are involved in fatal drunken driving crashes.

15 year old killed after police chase in fatal accident

A 15-year-old Fruitland boy died Thursday night in a car accident after he was chased by local police. Police attempted to pull him over after he made a "number of traffic violations" according to Salisbury Police Chief. The young boy fled in a 1998 maroon Ford Contour. The chase ended around 10:15 p.m. when the car struck a utility pole. The boy did not have a driver's permit.

Maryland pedestrian loses life in auto accident

As most Maryland residents will agree, tragic car accidents occur much too often in the state. While there are laws in place in order to prevent collisions, one bad decision can result in serious injuries and even death to another. When a person is killed due to another's negligence, the deceased person's family may be entitled to bring a wrongful death claim in Maryland court.

Federal cuts could lead to increase in workplace accidents

It is difficult to be a Maryland resident and not know something about the infamous sequestration issues in Washington. Yet the details of the potential cuts can be complicated and thus escape many. It is important to know however that some cuts might affect government organizations such as OSHA whose efforts keep the workplace safe for employees. Unfortunately, these cuts could result in an increase in workplace accidents for Maryland residents.

Tragic accident while man changes tire on Maryland interstate

When a car gets a flat tire on a busy highway, it creates an incredibly dangerous situation, regardless of the time of day. The driver can take all the safety precautions possible, putting on their flashers and pulling as far off the road as possible, but with vehicles flying by at speeds up to 80 miles per hour, tragic car accidents resulting in wrongful deaths happen all too frequently.

Maryland amends law that says pit bulls are inherently dangerous

Last February the Maryland House of Delegates unanimously approved a bill that overturned a 2012 Maryland Court of Appeals decision in which pit bulls were defined as "inherently dangerous." While the measure approved by the House removes the differentiation, it makes it easier to hold all dog owners liable for injuries caused by their pets. That liability is regardless of the dog's breed.

Out-of-state accident victims may have choice between courts

Residents of Maryland can be injured in an accident anywhere in the country, as people frequently travel across state lines. When a Marylander suffers an injury in another state, he or she may have the choice to bring suit in the local state court or the federal court system- depending on the amount of damages the injured person is claiming and the location of the defendant. For example, a Maryland citizen injured in another state may sometimes choose to bring a claim in that state's court or a federal court located in that state.

Elderly driver causes fatal accident, motivates parents to action

A 20-year-old Johns Hopkins University student was killed over the summer while riding his bicycle on University Parkway. An 83-year-old driver didn't notice him in the bike lane and struck him. While it is not clear whether this student's family filed suit alleging wrongful death, there can be little doubt that the young man's loss brought pain and suffering to his loved ones. Perhaps remembering him, the student's loved ones are now motivated to prevent future deaths.

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