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February 2013 Archives

Maryland police officer in training shot in accident

Some people have incredibly dangerous jobs. Farmers, policemen and policewomen and firefighters are among those that face a high risk of injury and death every day they go to work. But workers with dangerous jobs have access to the same benefits as those who sit behind a desk, safe from known workplace dangers.

Man wins Walmart lawsuit when injury results in deformity

What can seem like a simple accident can sometimes result in a serious injury, even here in Maryland. A serious injury can rack up thousands of dollars in medical expenses and lead to years of pain and suffering. When such an accident occurs sometimes the only way to receive adequate compensation for a severe injury is to pursue an action in court.

Maryland woman killed in head-on collision

A head-on collision is almost always a tragic accident and can often result in the death of a driver or passenger. Head-on collisions sometimes occur when a driver makes a terrible mistake and enters a lane of oncoming traffic. When a head-on collision results in a death it may be the result of a driver's negligence or misconduct. In such a case, the family and loved ones of the person who lost their life may have the right to seek damages through a wrongful death suit.

High school wrestler pinned by spotlight

There is always an element of risk in high school sports. In wrestling for example, two athletes are in a ring attempting to drive the opposing wrestler to the floor with only their strength and brute force. As many Maryland fans of high school athletics understand, injuries often happen during high school athletic events. There are even doctors or trainers on hand to respond to injuries. Some injuries, however, can never be anticipated.

Parents look for answers following birth injury

An injury at birth can be a tragic experience for the parents of the child, as well as for the child's future. Such an injury can occur in a variety of ways, perhaps through complications in the labor and delivery process, or due to improper prenatal medical care that could be the result of the negligence of a medical professional. As Maryland families certainly know, the birth of a child is a joyous and wonderful occasion, but that joy can be shattered when a birth injury occurs due to the negligence of doctors and nurses.

Firefighters severely injured in fire engine accident

Seven people were hurt when a fire engine crashed with a tractor-trailer on the Capitol Beltway. Firefighters from West Lanham station were leaving an accident when they made an ill-advised U-turn on the road and collided with the tractor-trailer. Four firefighters were injured in the work injury crash and one had his arm severed from the elbow down.

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