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January 2013 Archives

Man injured in police chase crash

An accident can occur at any time, even when a driver is following all of the rules of the road. For one man driving to work early on a Monday morning, a tragic accident resulted in severe injuries that took him to the hospital. The car accident came after a short police chase at high speed on Maryland highways that ended in the death of the driver trying to flee.

Three-year-old killed in tragic accident

Tragedy can occur when the proper safety precautions are ignored. As Maryland families are frequently reminded, it is always important to wear a seatbelt when driving a car, and it is equally important that children in a vehicle are also properly fastened into appropriately sized and fitted seats. Yet accidents do occur, and a wrongful death can result from the belief that children will be fine as long as they are behind a seatbelt.

Trooper injured after crashing into a tree

Many workers have jobs that do not have a single location of employment or require them to travel long distances. In such circumstances, work accidents can occur in a variety of locations and settings. For one Maryland public employee injured on a highway on his way home from a job, the question of whether his injury is covered under Maryland workers' compensation law is open for question.

Driver not guilty of manslaughter but may face wrongful death suit

Negligent drivers may face criminal charges and wrongful death suits if they cause an accident that kills another. A Maryland SUV driver, that ran a red light and killed renowned jazzman Joe Byrd last spring, was acquitted of criminal negligent manslaughter Thursday. However, immediate family members of the decedent may bring a wrongful death suit against the SUV driver for financial injury surrounding the loss of their loved one. The driver was a 28-year-old from North Beach who was driving a 2003 GMC Yukon when he ran the light and hit Byrd's 2003 Volvo station wagon as it made a left turn.

Two Maryland highway workers killed on US 40

One of most dangerous jobs in America is working in highway construction. Workers are not only exposed to heavy equipment and dangerous chemicals but workers may also face inattentive drivers on the road. Work injuries can be devastating to construction workers and their families. Each year across America nearly 700 people die and more than 40,000 are injured in road-construction related accidents. In Maryland, between 2008 and 2011, 25 people have been killed in work-zone -- the majority of those fatalities were the drivers of vehicles.

State Representative sues constituents in slip-and-fall suit

A slip-and-fall accident can occur just about anywhere, whether it is at a grocery store, shopping mall, public sidewalk or a neighbor's property. And as Maryland residents know, a slip-and-fall accident can happen to anyone, even those in great shape.

Five Maryland high school students injured in crash after school

Five students were leaving their Maryland high school parking lot in a Honda Civic when a Mack truck smashed into their vehicle. The students were near Route 99 and St. Johns Lane in Elliot City leaving school after dismissal. The car accident left one in critical condition and four others hospitalized.

Multi-vehicle car accident shuts down Rockville Pike for hours

An accident investigation continues in the multi-car collision that occurred at the end of December. The car accident involved six vehicles and took place on Rockville Pike and the intersection of Edmonston Drive and Congressional Lane.

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