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November 2012 Archives

Two killed, three badly injured in semi-truck roll-over

Trucks are a vital component of our national economy, crisscrossing the country every day with mountains of cargo. Despite their benefits, when these enormous vehicles get into accidents, their sheer size and weight alone can often result in serious injuries and fatalities.

Update: Jury exonerates Maryland authorities in wrongful death suit

For many of us, including Maryland residents, when we think of a car crash, we assume that driving negligence was involved. However, sometimes a poorly designed or improperly maintained road or bridge can also contribute to an accident and serious injury. This is precisely what the father of a fatally injured Hartford County resident argued in a wrongful death civil suit against the state of Maryland.

Bus crash claims the life of Maryland teenager on motorcycle

Fatal accidents are always tragic but can be the most devastating when they take the life of a person who is just coming into adulthood. Two months ago a fatal bus crash in Maryland claimed the life of a young teenage boy and injured another boy. Vehicle or car accidents like these forever impact the lives of victims and the lives of their family and friends.

Parents of Maryland family killed in car crash file suit

The parents of a Maryland family killed in a car crash in September recently filed a unique lawsuit in federal court. The lawsuit invokes a Nebraska law that extends legal protections to fetuses at any stage of development. It's the first time it's been raised since its 2003 enactment. The family killed in the wreck was a Maryland couple, their two children and their unborn son. The lawsuit cites this law which allows wrongful death claims for unborn fetuses.

Premises liability cases against Metro face new challenges

Maryland commuters will have to be a little more careful on their daily commute. Metro, also known as the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, has just won a Maryland court battle that makes it mostly immune from slip-and-fall and premises liability lawsuits as a government agency.

Maryland property owners strictly liable for their pets?

Maryland pet owners may soon be strictly liable for damages if their dog causes injuries to a person. Maryland lawmakers are closer to finalizing legislation responding to a state court ruling that pit bulls are "inherently dangerous" and that owners may be liable for damages, even when the dog has no history of aggressive behavior.

Maryland worker killed in clean up work after Sandy

Maryland residents recovering from Superstorm Sandy most certainly know that tragedy can strike indiscriminately at anytime or anywhere. Even after the storm passes, the dangerous conditions left behind can result in accidents, including those that result in permanent disability or death.

Man dies after fall from train door

Maryland commuters and long-distance travelers use Amtrak by the thousands, enjoying the ability to sit back and relax on their journey, or even multitask and get some work done while they head to their destination. Every year, 25 million people utilize Amtrak trains. Tragically, since 1972, 40 people have been killed as a result of the sliding doors on these trains. Though the number may not be concerning in terms of scale, there are 40 families who have been put into mourning by these incidents.

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