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October 2012 Archives

Pregnant woman killed in tragic accident on Maryland's I-95

There are many hazards on the road, whether you are a driver, a passenger in a vehicle or a passenger on a bus. At times an accident may occur as a result of a negligent driver or simply because of a freak accident. Maryland drivers and passengers injured in a car accident may be able to recover for their injuries if someone else was responsible for the occurrence of the accident.

Maryland worker injured on the job when robbed at knifepoint

At times a workplace injury can occur in very unusual circumstances. It may come from a malfunctioning machine, a freak accident, an unexpected car accident or even a robbery that ends in assault. When such an accident occurs an employee will often question whether the injuries will be covered by workers' compensation.

Did the drug Depakote cause birth defects?

New parents in Maryland may be interested to hear that claims filed against Abbot Laboratories, the manufacturer of the prescription drug Depakote, by hundreds of plaintiffs has been removed to federal court because it is a mass-action lawsuit with more than 100 people trying their related claims jointly. Depakote was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1983 and is prescribed to treat certain types of seizures, manic-depressive disorder and headaches. The plaintiffs allege that during the mother's pregnancy they took Depakote, causing their children to suffer birth defects. The plaintiffs want to hold the company liable for damages for continuing to market and sell the drug despite knowing of its risks.

Maryland woman dies in tragic car accident, child pulled from car

Tragedy can strike anytime or anywhere, forever altering the lives of family members. The lives of those who are dependent on a lost loved one, like a child who loses a parent, are especially vulnerable. When a parent is killed in tragic accident the surviving spouses and children may have the right to bring a wrongful death action to ensure that they are protected from financial challenges facing the family.

Maryland drunk driver injures others in early morning accident

A drunk driver can dramatically change the lives of others in an instant. Unfortunately, every day thousands of people across the country are injured in alcohol-related car accidents. However, victims of those accidents have the right to recover damages for their injuries when a driver consumed alcohol beyond the legal limit and made the decision to get behind the wheel of an automobile.

Montgomery County officer injured in slippery crash

Many Maryland residents are on the road every day, driving, walking or biking to and from home, work and the grocery store. We often forget however the kind of danger that a vehicle may cause. Sadly, car accidents occur all too often and involve serious injury on many occasions. There are a surprising amount of variables that contribute to a car accident including negligent driving, hazardous road conditions and bad weather. Combinations of potentially all three of these factors lead to the injury of an off-duty Maryland police officer recently.

Maryland worker injured on the job when hit by driver on I-95

For Maryland workers the risk of an injury on job is always present. Workers are injured everyday while performing a variety of tasks and in a variety of workplace settings. For many workers they face a risk of work injury even when performing work that is assumed to be safe. When an injury occurs, the worker and those who are dependent upon them are protected by worker's compensation laws.

Maryland may dramatically alter its personal injury law

Residents of Silver Spring and across the state of Maryland are watching Maryland's highest court closely as it weighs the decision whether to significantly alter its personally injury law. A case brought by a 20-year-old Maryland soccer player injured when a soccer goal fell onto his face, crushing the bones around his eye, may change a legal standard in place since 1847.

Maryland family asks for donations after tragic motorcycle accident

Nothing is more difficult than losing a loved one. The hole that is left following the death of a brother, a son, a mother, or a partner can often never be filled. Family members rely on those close to them for love, friendship and also for their financial contribution. Families facing a tragic death and the financial troubles that follow may find help with a wrongful death lawsuit. One Maryland family is facing such a realization after a tragic motorcycle accident.

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