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September 2012 Archives

Teen pleads guilty for crash that killed passengers

A Maryland teen has pled guilty to two counts of criminally negligent manslaughter after an accident that resulted in the deaths of his passengers. The 19-year-old driver has signed a plea agreement resulting in a reduced sentence, with a maximum of six years jail time, six months of home detention and five years of supervised probation.

School bus accident results in 6 non-life threatening injuries

Four students and two others were injured in a school bus accident in front of Julius West Middle School. The accident involved one other vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee. Three children and two adults were examined for their injuries and one child was seriously injured. The exact nature of the accident is not yet known.

Ravens player encourages concussion education

Baltimore Ravens player Jameel McClain discussed the "ethic of playing through pain" in the NFL, using his own experience as an example. In his rookie year he took a shot to the head and felt dizzy, and though he wanted to play, the team doctors kept him out of the game. McClain said that the ethic of pushing through the pain like the pros do may be trickling down into youth sports, and is pushing for awareness about the long-term damage of concussions.

Baltimore neighborhood bans pit bulls following court decision

Following a ruling by the Maryland Court of Appeals that purebred pit bulls are "inherently dangerous," a Baltimore low-income housing cooperative has banned all pure- and mixed-bred pit bulls from the neighborhood -- or face eviction. The aim is to decrease the likelihood of dog bites or attacks in the neighborhood. The issue of particular dog breeds being "inherently dangerous," more so than any other breed, has been a very hot topic lately, both across the country and in Maryland.

Maryland man killed, 10 others injured in car and bus crash

The accident occurred shortly before 10 p.m. last Saturday night, when a man was killed when his car was involved in a head-on collision with an MTA bus. The driver of the car failed to handle the curve at increased velocity before drifting over the center line. The force of the collision drove the car more than 40 feet backwards, after which point the car caught fire.

Football fan falls, causes injuries on lower deck

A 20-year-old man was killed after falling over a 33-inch railing at a football stadium last week during a college football game. The underage fan had been drinking for hours before the game, according to friends, but had not purchased any alcohol in the stadium. When the man fell, he caused injuries to a fan on the lower mezzanine of the seats.

Annual survey shows that some motorists are safer than others

Americans like to both joke and complain about the ways in which other Americans drive. Stereotypes, some based fairly solidly in reality, paint Midwesterners as slow, Californians and Bostonians as overly aggressive and Texans as folks who believe they own the road.

Maryland family sues sheriff's office for wrongful death

The family of a Baptist minister who died in November 2011 has filed a wrongful death suit against the county sheriff's office and a sheriff's deputy. Allegedly, the deputy ordered a neighbor to stop performing CPR on the man, who was in cardiac arrest, which directly contributed to the man's death.

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