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July 2012 Archives

Stuntman killed during 'Expendables 2' filming; family files suit

A little over a month ago, we wrote a post about a man who died while skydiving because his parachute failed to open. Could his family have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the skydiving company or the manufacturer of the parachute?

Blazing coals burn 21 people at Tony Robbins seminar

Tony Robbins is famous for giving inspirational speeches at his motivational seminars. Tens of thousands of people attend his conferences every year in an effort to overcome the difficulties they are experiencing in their lives and become better people.

Wave of red-light accidents prompt proposal for camera system

To the southeast of Montgomery County, Maryland is St. Mary's County, where a stretch of road -- Route 235 -- has come under fire recently for a string of car accidents caused by a red-light runner. As a result, lawmakers in the county are pursuing a new red-light camera system to catch such reckless drivers.

Delay in C-section causes permanent brain damage to child

If it isn't the happiest moment in any parent's life, than giving birth to a child certainly is one of the happiest moments. The parents can marvel at the life they just created; their son or daughter calmly breathing as they wait a day or two to leave the hospital and take their newborn home. Most of the time, this is the way the script works -- but sometimes, poor medical care or negligent hospital staff can turn the dream of a newborn child into a nightmare.

Questionable circumstances surround accidental shooting of woman

Wrongful death lawsuits may seem like cut-and-dry cases, but as we outlined a few weeks ago, there are many factors that need to be determined before a fatal incident is deemed "wrongful." Though the supposed perpetrator in a freak accident that left a woman dead has been cleared by local police, the victim's family is not so convinced.

What warning? Study finds drivers tune out safety alerts

On the one hand, a new study by a group controlled by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety provides a lot of good news regarding electronic safety devices and warning systems in cars. Property damage liability claims (PDL) dropped by 10% when a car either had autonomous braking systems or adaptive headlights installed on the vehicle. Claims dropped 14% when the car had a collision avoidance system.

Infested workspace causes man to develop debilitating conditions

Some people in Montgomery County, Maryland have heard horror stories about reckless or lazy landlords, causing headaches for their tenants. From losing out on safety deposits for seemingly false violations to failing in their duty to respond to complaints in a timely and proper manner, these incidents speak poorly for the landlords who can ultimately be held liable if unsafe conditions or negligent behaviors causes a tenant to be seriously hurt.

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