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Alcohol-fueled road rage leads to horrific Maryland car accident

There are few other ways to contextualize this story than this: a 25-year-old purposely crashed into two different cars on the highway and, in between the wrecks, he and his 22-year-old passenger stopped in the middle of traffic to punch and kick a car that simply tried to alert them to their reckless driving.

Road rage doesn't even begin to describe this car accident story.

The 25-year-old was intoxicated during the entire episode, as police later found numerous open alcohol containers in the young man's devastated truck. With that in mind, here's how the crash happened: the 25-year-old was driving in the middle lane of a Maryland highway.

He began drifting into the left lane, where a 61-year-old man was driving right next to him. The older man honked his horn to alert the 25-year-old of what he was doing. That didn't sit well with the young man who, in a move reminiscent of racing video games, intentionally slammed into the side of the older man's car. But he didn't stop there.

Pulling in front of the older man, the young man stopped his truck and, alongside his passenger, got out and attacked the 61-year-old's car. Punches, knees, kicks -- all damaging the car. A third vehicle -- a Pontiac -- saw what was going on, and the two people inside got out and broke up the melee. After intervening, the good Samaritans drove off, thinking they had ended the ugly incident.

But the two enraged youngsters were not finished. They got back into their truck and caught up with the two who intervened, purposely slamming into the back of their Pontiac. The 25-year-old then switched to the middle lane, positioning himself alongside the Pontiac and, like the first accident, deliberately swerved into the side of the car. The Pontiac spun off the road while the raging young man lost control of his truck, which overturned as it left the highway and hit another car. Three people were seriously injured in the disturbing accident.

Negligent. Foolish. Reckless. Irresponsible. Pick your favorite or come up with your own adjective for this incident, because they all apply. The 25-year-old was charged with an incredible number of violations, including DUI, malicious destruction of property, reckless endangerment and a variety of first- and second-degree assault charges.

Source: ABC 2 News, "Police say serious 295 crash is no accident," June 9, 2012

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That was really a too bad with them, and i also scared about it after read it here. Generally because of human errors, car and auto accidents are happen, and some time you face any type of injury because of another person's negligence. At that time you should file a claim for compensation to the help of any personal injury lawyer.

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