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May 2012 Archives

Beware this weekend: Memorial Day brings out red light runners

Plenty of Maryland residents will be travelling up and down the East Coast this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day with friends and family. Should those families travel by car, though, they should heed the warning of a recent report by the National Coalition for Safer Roads.

Dog Bite Prevention Week highlights responsibilities of owners

Dogs are responsible for more than 4.5 million attacks each year. In Maryland, children between the ages of five and nine are most vulnerable to these vicious encounters. Additionally, more than 5,500 postal workers are targeted in dog bite attacks annually.

Truck crash leads to week-long mystery about man's whereabouts

It is uncommon to write about a car accident story that has a happy ending, so when we came across the extraordinary circumstances surrounding a truck accident on the West Coast, we figured Florida residents would want to hear the details. Granted, the man involved in the car accident is still fighting for his life -- but he was likely feared dead after he disappeared for seven days after the wreck.

Silence of hybrid cars puts pedestrians in precarious situation

Imagine you are walking up a moderately busy street -- no gridlock or anything, but cars pass by frequently. You know the street well and when you get to the intersection of your local supermarket, you prepare to cross the street. You have done it hundreds of times before so, thinking nothing of it, you cross the street because you don't hear the familiar hum of a car nearby.

Liability of car accident could be placed on text sender

Maryland has had a texting while driving ban in place since 2009. The law prohibits a driver from composing a text message while behind the wheel and it a violation of the ban can carry a fine as great as $500. There are caveats: in emergency situations or if the driver is using GPS, they cannot be hit with a texting while driving offense.

Workers escape injury, PG Co. restaurant under repair after wreck

On any given day in Maryland, at any given time, a confluence of circumstances can swirl together and lead to an accident in the workplace that leaves someone injured. How all the elements come together may prove elusive, but that should not prompt someone who has been injured on the job to forego seeking the benefits they are due. Contacting an attorney can help advance the effort.

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