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Newborn thought stillborn found alive in morgue 12 hours later

Sometimes in life miracles do happen, rare as they are even in Maryland. In what might be considered a case of medical malpractice and misdiagnosis of a medical condition, one mother and father got the surprise of their lives when they went to the morgue to see their stillborn daughter one last time to say goodbye and discovered she was not dead. Doctors had informed the couple their newborn baby was still born and had no vital signs at birth.

If there ever was a case of a misdiagnosis, one would think diagnosing a child as dead when she is not would be one of the more egregious cases on record. The mother had given birth 3 months early to a baby girl who showed no vital signs, according to an attending neonatologist and obstetricians and gynecologists. They had all reached the same conclusion that the baby was stillborn. One explanation given by the hospital's director was that hypothermia may have slowed the newborn's vital signs to an undetectable level.

The odds of a premature infant born at 26 weeks surviving are not high, but it is possible if he or she receives immediate neonatal care. Since doctors could not find vital signs in the newborn they placed her in the refrigerated morgue at the hospital. The couple went to the morgue that night to take a picture of their daughter and when a worker opened the drawer they heard the baby cry and saw that she was alive.

The mother fell to her knees when she saw the baby stretching her little body. Her baby had been in the morgue for more than 12 hours and had ice on her body. The baby was taken back to the maternity ward to receive urgent medical care. The hospital has since launched an internal investigation to learn how this almost fatal medical error could have happened. Doctors are amazed the baby survived.

The family is extremely happy their little girl is alive and well and getting stronger by the minute. This heartwarming story is proof that miracles do happen, and that doctors can and do make mistakes.

Source: The Christian Post: "Mother Finds 'Stillborn' Baby Alive After 12 Hours in Morgue," Sami K. Martin, April 11, 2012

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I am happy and estatic to know that the baby is alive. God is great and my heart goes out to the parent's. God bless the family.

Legalady from CT.

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