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April 2012 Archives

3-car White Oak crash causes more than bodily injuries

The loss of limb or even life is something everyone in Maryland has reason to be concerned about when they're involved in a car accident. But the potential damage that can be done isn't limited to just the physical injuries victims may suffer. There may be psychological injuries and damage to property.

Police investigating Beltway crash that injured 6

Individuals injured in a car accident need to focus all their attention on recovering and getting back to some semblance of normalcy in their lives. In Maryland, being sure that the financial demands that such injuries generate are met is something that can require the help of an experienced attorney who can protect the rights of the injured.

Baseball season means spilled drinks and possible falls. Caution!

There are some who say that the Baltimore Orioles haven't been the same since Cal Ripken retired. Regardless of whether that's true or not the team continues to attract crowds to Camden Yards. Another season of play is just getting under way and with it comes hazards that most fans might never consider.

New technology seeks to decrease workplace injuries

Workplace injuries are often associated with construction jobs and positions in other blue collar industries involving physical labor. With the amount of people spending their work hours in front of a computer, it's no wonder that attention is being given to the amount of injuries caused by sitting at a computer all day. Although these injuries aren't a result of workplace accidents per se, Maryland readers may be aware of the negative results of sitting at a computer; including back and neck pain, eyestrain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Drivers urged to obey construction zone laws to avoid accidents

A Maryland State Police lieutenant colonel on his way to a news conference about highway safety on Tuesday was ironically nearly hit by a college student who was tailgating the officer while texting. After barely avoiding a car accident, the officer stopped the driver and gave her a warning. Then he continued on to the State Highway Administration event where he delivered his message about the importance of safe driving, especially with construction season upon us.

Newborn thought stillborn found alive in morgue 12 hours later

Sometimes in life miracles do happen, rare as they are even in Maryland. In what might be considered a case of medical malpractice and misdiagnosis of a medical condition, one mother and father got the surprise of their lives when they went to the morgue to see their stillborn daughter one last time to say goodbye and discovered she was not dead. Doctors had informed the couple their newborn baby was still born and had no vital signs at birth.

Study links dental X-rays and common brain tumor

Regular dental care is a normal part of life of most people in Maryland. While some procedures are significant enough that we might suffer a personal injury from medical malpractice, we tend not to anticipate problems from the common preventive practices. They can happen, though, and victims of such negligence have a right to pursue action to be sure they get the necessary medical care and compensation.

Towson U mourns student killed in hit and run

There are many facets to the college experience. One of the things common on most college campuses is the necessity of hoofing it. Students tend to walk everywhere. Indeed, colleges try to consolidate their facilities within specific boundaries in order to maintain a safe environment. That's as true in Maryland as anywhere.

PG County police seek those who added insult to injury

Accidents on the Capital Beltway and its arteries are not uncommon. Statistics from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments for 2011 puts the number of fatalities among motorists, cyclists and pedestrians at 257. That's down from 283 the year before and authorities say they're working to do even more to reduce accidents that result in serious personal injury or wrongful death.

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