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December 2011 Archives

Science panel: Probable link between chemical and preeclampsia

The good news from one scientific panel is that exposure to the chemical C8 doesn't appear to cause an increased risk of a loss of a pregnancy, preterm or low-weight births, or birth defects. The bad news is that the three-member panel does believe there is a probable link between C8 exposure and pregnancy induced hypertension in mothers.

MD trooper investigating one crash, injured by second car

Considering the number of vehicles that ply the roads of Maryland on any given day it's encouraging to note that there aren't more car accidents than there are. As anyone who has ever been in even a minor fender bender knows, accidents can happen in a flash. When they end death, the shock is magnified. Even if they cause only minor injuries, the consequences can be staggering.

Carroll County sued for 9-year-old's wrongful death

What should have been a well controlled, three-day adventure for a bunch of school children in 2009 became a fatal object lesson with the death of a 9-year-old boy. Now, his relatives have filed a wrongful death suit in the case. Carroll County and the managers of the county run Hashawha Environmental Center are named as defendants.

Baltimore City School Board named in bullying suit

Every property owner has an obligation to ensure their facilities are safe for visitors. For many of us that may translate into a notion that if I'm at a store, I should be able to meander the aisles without danger. That's true. But there is a broader concept of premises liability that can apply, as is being shown in a trial now under way in Baltimore.

Death after routine oral surgery spurs malpractice suit

It's not uncommon to hear doctors and nurses refer to surgery as a routine medical procedure. But when it comes to surgery of any kind, medical or dental, when anesthetic is involved, a lot can go wrong. Personal injuries can result. They sometimes lead to needless death.

Utility worker injury in Gaithersburg prompts tips from police

The systems that deliver our essential utilities tend to run along busy thoroughfares. That puts utility workers at particularly high risk of suffering serious injuries on the job. When they occur the first source of coverage to pay for recovery and lost wages is workers' compensation.

D.C. multi-vehicle crash under investigation, 12 injured

The District of Columbia could be dealing with a significant administrative headache after a multi-vehicle crash Monday at the intersection of 13th and Florida in Northeast D.C. Twelve people wound up in the hospital as a result of the wreck.

Move to streamline medical malpractice suits gains traction

It seems everyone has an opinion about what contributes to rising medical costs in the United States. Fingers get pointed at technology as one major driver. Doctors get targeted for ordering unnecessary tests and treatments and overprescribing. Big pharma gets tagged for overpricing products. Insurance companies are dismissed as meddlers that deliver little for the money they make.

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