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Doctor gets mildest discipline possible for birth injury

Obstetricians go through a lot to get their license to practice professionally. They also tend to earn a lot of money as a result of their special training. But attorneys in Maryland with experience in birth injury law know that's no guarantee that mistakes won't occur during the delivery of a newborn. Babies who suffer trauma during birth may live with the damage for their entire lives, as will their families.

Birth trauma blamed for child's cerebral palsy

The arrival of a new life into the world is supposed to be cause for special celebration. Whether you are parents in Maryland or anywhere else, it is normal to depend on the expertise and experience of the medical professionals you engage for the whole term of the pregnancy and the delivery. It's a bitter pill when the child suffers a debilitating birth injury and it takes years to resolve resulting legal disputes.

Plant gas leak send 43 workers to hospital

An investigation is now under way after a gas leak at a tomato cannery plant caused breathing problems for at least 43 workers. Two of those workers remained hospitalized yesterday after the workplace accident. A question experienced personal injury lawyers in Maryland and elsewhere are asking is whether the rights of those workers to just compensation are being protected.

Clock is ticking for wrongful death suits after stage collapse

When something as horrific as last weekend's concert stage collapse in Indiana occurs it's only natural to focus on getting back to normal. Five people died in the collapse and more than 40 others were injured. Who is thinking about lawsuits over personal injury or wrongful death? Maryland attorneys with experience in this area of the law know it can be a mistake to put the issue off too long.

More could be at stake in Old West reenactment shooting

Historic reenactments are a common thing in the United States. We have civil war events every year here in Maryland. But sometimes the situation can become altogether too real, as three tourists in South Dakota learned this summer. Federal criminal charges have been filed in the case, but what liability for personal injury might the community of Hill City, as owner of the property, hold in the matter?

Catwoman double's workplace accident destroys camera

For all the thrills that Hollywood action movies offer to cinema lovers, there are a lot of spills that occur on the set that wind up on the cutting room floor. Some of that footage might make it into outtakes -- not the final cut. But such a mishap is a workplace accident, just as sure as if it happened in a more mundane work setting. Maryland lawyers experienced in personal injury know this and can help if there's a need.

OK of birth injury suit could have long range effects

It is a tradition when catching the first glimpse of a newborn baby to count his or her fingers and toes. It makes sense. It's a way to make sure they're all there and everything is all right. But such a cursory check doesn't always reveal when a child has suffered a birth injury that might result in a need for a lot of expensive, long-term care.

2007 Virginia Tech shooting revisited

The horror of the 2007 shooting spree that killed 32 people at Virginia Tech came fresh into the minds of a lot of people today. Authorities at the school just a few hours southwest of us here in Silver Spring shut the place down this morning after receiving reports of a man who may have been carrying a gun on the campus.

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