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July 2011 Archives

Worker killed in casino construction accident in Maryland

There is no doubt that some jobs are more inherently dangerous than others. For the most part, those dangerous jobs are related to services that directly help the community and its everyday needs and wants. Construction work is an example of a necessary and hazardous line of work.

Are Maryland authorities doing enough to prevent train track deaths?

Commuting by train is an environmentally friendly, relatively convenient way to travel in Maryland. It's also a relatively safe way to travel. What is not safe when it comes to trains, however, is for pedestrians to cross the tracks.

Maryland drivers: Don't make summer streets scary for bicyclists

It's the time of year when people are hitting the streets by foot or bicycle to get in a summer stroll or bike ride. It's beautiful out, and pedestrians should be able to feel safe when they make the healthy decision to forego a car ride for a leisurely workout.

Good Samaritans save boy from burning car crash in Maryland

We would all like to think we would be heroes if the opportunity to save another arose, but who really knows? Until one is faced with that decision -- the decision to risk his or her own safety and possibly life -- to save another person, that question remains unanswered.

Electric cars might be "green," but they endanger pedestrians

More and more now, we are all seeing hybrid and electric cars on the roads. Whether you think that they are cool or strange, one thing about them is certain. They are quieter than the engine-running car or truck that most of us have.

Safety standards at DuPont plant put workers at risk, killed one

DuPont is a big company with locations in various countries around the world. One of DuPont's plants is located nearby, in West Virginia. While the goal of the company is to offer a wide array of products and services for a multitude of scientific fields, it seems at least the nearby facility has forgotten that those services should not cost workers their safety.

Reports show Maryland's new teen driving laws are saving lives

Historically, young drivers were not allowed to obtain a driver's license in most states until they reached the age of 16. Some states, such as Maryland, have taken steps in recent years to extend the driving age by several months. The change in the law occurred in 2009, after state lawmakers took notice of the high rate of car accident fatalities involving new drivers. Previously, new drivers were allowed to obtain a learner's permit when they turned 16. The new law extends the age requirement to 16.5 years of age. The law also places restrictions on the number of passengers that a new driver is allowed to have in his car during the provisional license period.

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