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May 2011 Archives

Fatal Four Loko accident sparks wrongful death claim

Many readers might remember the recent controversy surrounding the canned beverage Four Loko. Four Loko is an alcoholic energy drink which quickly became very popular with young people, especially college students. Many people credited part of this popularity to the brands colorful slogan and targeted marketing. However, after numerous towns and cities saw a sudden spike in alcohol-related accidents and injuries connected to the drink, Four Loko was banned in many US states.

Fatal truck accident takes the life of Maryland police officer

The Maryland law enforcement community is grieving this week after losing one of their own. A Maryland State Police officer and father of six died in a tragic car accident last Saturday while supposedly pursuing a speeding motorcycle. The accident occurred in Howard County on Interstate 95 during the officer's night shift.

Fatal Maryland car crash kills three young people, injures one more

One Maryland community was devastated last week by a fatal accident which killed three young people, two of which would have graduated this year from a local high school. The driver accused of causing the collision is also a 20-year-old local boy, who will now stand trial for several felony citations including fleeing the scene of a serious accident and failing to report the accident to the police.

Kindergarten class field trip takes a turn for the worse on Route 213

Most of us like to believe that we will never be involved in a serious car accident. We like to think that if we drive safely and follow the rules of the road, we can avoid the pain and suffering that often follow a car crash. Safe driving habits certainly help reduce the likelihood of a collision but, unfortunately, anyone can become a car accident victim. Even the most cautious drivers can get caught up in an accident caused by another driver's negligence.

Mini Coopers under investigation for power steering failure

Have you ever been in a moving vehicle when the battery stops working? Along with the radio and power locks, one of the other things you would lose is your power steering. Power steering assist is a common feature in most new vehicles which allows a driver to turn the wheel and direct their car more easily. The more control a motorist maintains over a vehicle, the less likely they are to be involved in an accident.

John Hopkins community witnesses serious hit-and-run accident

A hit-and-run accident devastated the Johns Hopkins University community this weekend as two college students were injured by a reckless driver. Investigators report that the accident took place in the early hours of Saturday morning near the university campus and sent one of the victims to a local trauma center with serious injuries.

Maryland roads cause safety concerns among area bicyclists

During the spring and summer months the warmer Maryland weather will entice bicyclists to put aside their car keys and start commuting on two wheels instead of four. A variety of reasons motivate Maryland citizens to begin biking, including environmental concerns, a desire to incorporate more exercise into their daily routine and the rising price of gasoline.

Researchers claim motor vehicle fumes could cause birth defects

Most parents will tell you that their desire to protect and shelter their children began long before they were born. Medical experts have testified for years about the importance of prenatal health to a child's future. With this in mind, an entire industry of books, vitamins, and other products has arisen advising soon-to-be parents on how best to care for their unborn baby.

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