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April 2011 Archives

Maryland man falls into Chesapeake Bay after big rig accident

The Maryland community is mourning the death of a long-time local sports editor and writer. The former Merced Sun-Star employee died in a tragic accident on a Baltimore bridge last week when he was knocked into the waters of the Chesapeake Bay by a large truck.

Prom night and alcohol should not mix: teen safety on the big night

Take a moment and think back to your years in high school. Many of us will agree that, during this formative period in our lives, friends' opinions had a great deal of influence over how we acted and what we considered 'cool.' Peer pressure can be a major issue for impressionable young people, especially if a student's peers are encouraging them to make irresponsible decisions like driving while intoxicated.

New helmet design lowers risk of work-related brain injury in Army

A position in the armed forces is one of the most dangerous jobs a person can have. Whether serving with the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or any other division, service members put their lives on the line everyday to guard the security of our nation.

Man's death sparks multi-million dollar lawsuit against police

At a vigil for her brother, the sister of a Maryland man involved in a fatal shoot out with a Montgomery County police officer told reporters that her family wants to ensure that no other family will experience the pain they're going through. That's why she and her relatives have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Police Department, claiming that the officer who shot her brother exercised excessive force and was not properly trained to use his weapon.

Couples who drink together should not drive together

For years, safety campaigns against intoxicated driving have spread the message that good friends do not allow each other to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The concept behind these campaigns is that people can peer pressure each other out of making destructive driving decisions which could lead to a serious accident. However, peer pressure can work the other way as well, leading friends to reassure one another that neither is too intoxicated to drive home.

Chemical linked to birth defects banned from formula containers

Have you heard of a dangerous chemical called BPA? BPA, or Bisphenol A, has been linked to reproductive troubles, birth defects and cancer. Humans typically ingest the chemical as it leaks out of plastic food and drink containers, as well as containers which hold canned or processed foods.

Maryland transportation officials commemorate work zone safety week

Today marks the fourth day of National Work Zone Safety Week. Did you know that every year approximately 1,400 people are hurt by a car accident which takes place in a Maryland work zone? The State Highway Administration wants to see that number dramatically decrease and is using this week to highlight the many different ways Maryland citizens can foster work zone safety.

3-month-old girl caught beneath wheels of improperly parked car

A recent Maryland tragedy emphasizes how important it is for drivers to pay close attention to their driving habits, even after the engine has stopped. While dropping her children off at daycare, a Maryland mother failed to properly park her car, allowing it to roll backwards and seriously injure both herself and her two young children.

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