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March 2011 Archives

Wal-Mart employee's death leads to greater crowd control regulation

Anyone who's ever dared to brave the Black Friday shopping crowds in search of a bargain knows how chaotic retail stores can become during a big sale. However, the 2008 post-Thanksgiving shopping rush at one Wal-Mart store quickly turned from chaotic to deadly as an employee was trampled to death by a mob of frantic customers.

Air traffic controller asleep on duty, passengers' lives at risk

Airline passengers may have a variety of thoughts running through their heads when the pilot announces they are about to land. From seat to seat, different people may be thinking about their upcoming vacation, returning home to their loved ones, or simply wondering whether or not all their luggage will be waiting for them in baggage claim. One thing they should not have to think about, however, is if the airline is providing their pilots with the proper support to make a safe landing.

Trooper nearly killed by drunk driver, forced to jump to safety

Maryland State Troopers are on the road everyday, reprimanding reckless drivers before their behavior can cause a serious traffic accident. Their presence is meant to send a message to Maryland motorists: follow the rules of the road and drive safely, or you will get a ticket. By pulling over drunk, distracted, or negligent drivers and taking them off the road, Maryland State Troopers have no doubt saved a good number of lives.

Cargo Transports trucking company sued for wrongful death

Drivers who operate big rigs and semi tractor-trailers need to exercise extra caution while behind the wheel since the mere size and weight of their vehicle can significantly damage other motorists in the event of a collision. When big rig drivers are careless or reckless on the road, they can cause serious truck accidents which could be responsible for ending a person's life.

Harford County listed among top regions for traffic fatalities

Maryland State Police Officers claim that Harford County is one of the most dangerous regions in the state when it comes to traffic fatalities. Officials report that 23 traffic-related deaths occurred in Harford County throughout 2010, half of which involved a motorcycle or motor scooter.

Family of pedestrian accident victim wins wrongful death claim

According to the Washington Post, a Maryland child will receive over two million dollars in compensation from the State of Maryland after a Circuit Court jury in Prince George's County found in favor of her wrongful death lawsuit. The family of the young girl sued the state after the plaintiff's mother was struck by a passing car while walking down Pennsylvania Avenue.

FDA discovers birth defect complications caused by topiramate

Parents want the best for their children, starting before they're even born. Many mothers and fathers will research the best foods to eat, supplements to take, and even activities to stimulate and help develop their unborn baby's brain. Parents pay close attention to prenatal care in an effort to protect the health of this new life they've created.

FAA sued for air traffic control negligence in wrongful death claim

A Maryland family is suing the Federal Aviation Administration, claiming that carelessness on behalf of air traffic controllers caused the death of four innocent victims. The 2008 accident occurred when a medical helicopter owned by the Maryland State Police crashed while attempting to deliver a pair of car accident victims to a nearby hospital.

Faulty escalator terrifies metro passengers, raises safety concerns

Scores of Maryland residents make frequent commutes to nearby Washington D.C., either for work or pleasure. Therefore, many readers may be familiar with the D.C. metro system, including the large escalators which bring passengers to and from stations. Frequent metro users enter and exit these escalators without a second thought, sometimes sprinting through the steps to avoid missing a train. However, many commuters may think twice before stepping onto the moving staircase after witnessing a dramatic escalator accident at the Foggy Bottom Metro Station.

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