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February 2011 Archives

Documentary exposes dangerous restaurant work conditions

Employers are responsible for the safety of their employees while at the workplace. Likewise, workers have a right to assume that their employers have taken all the necessary precautions to avoid preventable workplace accidents, especially in professions where workers are exposed to dangerous tools and materials. When employers ignore or overlook this important responsibility, it is the workers and their families who suffer the brunt of their negligence.

Maryland judge faces unusual DUI punishment after causing accident

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is never an acceptable decision. Impaired drivers pose a serious danger to other motorists and are the cause of almost one-third of all fatal traffic accidents, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDCP also reports that, in the US alone, someone is killed by a drunk driver every 40 minutes.

Maryland considers new fees to further penalize reckless drivers

Maryland, like most states around the country, is struggling with overwhelming debt. The amount of money lacking from the 2011 state budget proposal is so staggering that most ordinary citizens can hardly contemplate it. After all, who could truly imagine being $1.4 billion dollars in the red? Yet, that number is approximately the gap between the expenditures projected by Maryland legislators and the current state income.

Driver involved in fatal motorcycle accident pleads guilty

Negligent manslaughter refers to a crime which ends a victim's life due to another person's extremely risky and unreasonable behavior. This is what a Carroll Country, Maryland, driver recently pled guilty to after killing a motorcyclist last summer. While manslaughter charges are generally less serious than murder indictments, a conviction could still put the driver behind bars for a long time.

Hospital camera bans claim to increase patient safety, part 2

Our last post highlighted a hot topic controversy over the presence of cameras and video recorders in hospital delivery rooms. Several hospitals nationwide have enacted new rules banning all recording technology in their birthing rooms, including cell phones. The restrictions are making some patients very upset, including one Maryland woman who began a popular online petition to have the ban removed from her local hospital.

Birth injury concerns force parents to leave cameras behind, part 1

For many, hospital delivery rooms are a somewhat magical place. In these rooms, doctors, nurses, and mothers deliver countless new lives into the world. Some parents want to permanently capture the excitement and action surrounding the birth of their child so they will always remember every detail of that day. For years, parents have been allowed to bring cameras and video recorders into the birthing room, but new restrictions may put a stop to this practice.

Keeping safe this winter: tips for icy driving

In our last post, we discussed the tragic death of a 24-year-old graduate student on the Baltimore Beltway. Investigators believe that icy road conditions are partly, if not mostly, to blame for the accident which caused her death. With several more harsh winter months ahead of us, drivers everywhere should begin adopting certain defensive driving habits to better accommodate dangerous winter roads. These habits will help commuters avoid costly, and potentially tragic, accidents and injuries.

Baltimore Beltway accident causes a young woman's death

This year's slew of winter storms hitting the East Coast have already wreaked a considerable amount of havoc on the area's roads. Now, the icy conditions have played a role in yet another fatal car accident. A 24-year-old graduate student died this past Thursday while driving on Interstate 695. Her vehicle was one of several in the multi-car pileup.

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