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July 2010 Archives

40 Percent of Doctors Would Not Report Incompetence Among Colleagues

Whether you are preparing to be a mother again or will be a mother for the first time, for most, pregnancy is a nerve racking experience. There is only so much you can do to ensure a safe delivery, and you really have to place a lot of trust in the physician helping you through it.

District of Columbia Police Face Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The District of Columbia, as well as several District police officers, is facing a $60 million wrongful death lawsuit from the family of a woman slain, along with her two children, while police officers waited outside her door. In the lawsuit, the family of Erika Peters cites a "deadly delay" on behalf of police officers, some of whom waited 45 minutes for supervisors to give the okay on staging a forcible entry.

Repeat C-Sections Riskier for Mothers, According to New Research

Since the 1970's, the number of C-Sections in every 100 births has catapulted from a mere five to 31. Understandably, there has been quite a bit of debate surrounding the increasingly large amount of these surgeries being performed in the United States. Some defend it as a viable solution for preventing birth injuries stemming from complicated deliveries. Others worry about the harm done to the mother, who will take longer to recovery and faces a higher potential for complications during future pregnancies.

Celebrate Women's Motorcycle Month by Practicing Motorcycle Safety

While motorcycles are generally considered to be a male-dominated mode of transportation, the fact is many women have graced the backs of these steel horses and many more women continue to enjoy the freedom motorcycles have to offer. July is Women's Motorcycle Month and, as riders across the country celebrate the unique spirit and sense of adventure that led them to their first ride, it is also worth taking a moment to consider motorcycle safety.

Wrongful Death Suit Could be Pending in Maryland Medevac Crash

A wrongful death lawsuit is set to be filed on behalf of Tanya Mallard, one of four people who perished in a helicopter crash in late 2008. National Transportation Safety board members concluded that the crash was a result of bad weather, poor visibility and a pilot with little experience in landing by instrument panel only.

Infant Strokes - Virtually Unknown, Top Ten Killer among Newborns

As you age, the chance of suffering a stroke increases. In fact, strokes are the third biggest killer among adults in the United States. Even when they don't kill, strokes can cause paralysis and impede function on one or both sides of the body.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit All that's Left for Wone Case, at Present

The widow of Robert Wone will continue to pursue a $20 million wrongful death lawsuit against three housemates believed to have covered up facts surrounding her husband's murder in 2006. Last month, a D.C. Superior Court Judge found there was not enough evidence to convict them of covering up evidence in the murder of Wone. At this point, the wrongful death suit is all that is left.

Erb's Palsy - Catching a Commonly Missed Birth Injury

As a collective group, newborn infants bear the greatest risk of developing Erb's Palsy. For every 2,000 births, about three infants will later develop the affliction, denoted by a marked lack of strength and maneuverability in the upper and lower arm.

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