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5 things to do if a careless driver hits you when you are walking

Cars, buses and metro trains seem to be everywhere in the Washington, D.C., area. When you head out on foot, you must contend with traffic congestion. Even if you exercise caution, you may find yourself in an accident with an automobile. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average weight of passenger vehicles in the United States is more than 4,000 pounds. When combined with speed and a careless driver, heavy vehicles can inflict serious bodily injury on unsuspecting pedestrians. Here are five things you should do if a distracted or negligent driver hits you with his or her vehicle. 

Be proactive to help minimize DUI arrest consequences

No one wants to be pulled over by law enforcement, especially if the reason is suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Maryland has some of the toughest DUI laws in the nation, and you face stiff penalties if you receive a conviction. What is involved, and how can you minimize the impact on your life?

Top mistakes to avoid after a car accident

Car accidents can inflict a great deal of harm in a wide range of areas such as health and finances. In addition to taking some immediate steps at the scene, it is important to continue on the right course and steer clear of errors that can sabotage your case.

Some cases contain facts that can lead to additional legal complexities. It is best to develop a targeted strategy for your case.

Driving can be risky for post-concussion motorists

You probably know medical personnel closely watch and give clearance to athletes who sustain concussions before they can resume playing their sport.

What about people who drive cars after recovering from a concussion? As a university study shows, getting right back onto the road might not be such a good idea.

Who is to blame for Maryland pedestrian deaths?

Nobody is contesting the vulnerability of pedestrians. If you are walking to the bus stop and a vehicle strikes you, there are no airbags or crumple zones to absorb even a little of the impact. You probably are not wearing a helmet, heavy boots or other protection a motorcyclist might wear, or even a bicycle helmet to protect your head from a blow. 

This lack of protection contributes to dozens of pedestrian deaths in Maryland each year. In fact, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, there were over 100 pedestrians struck and killed by vehicles in Maryland during 2016. 

A conviction for underage DUI can affect your future plans

You may think there is nothing wrong with having a couple of drinks with friends before driving home. You may also think that even if you are pulled over on suspicion of DUI, it is no big thing.

The state of Maryland looks at drinking and driving quite differently, especially for drivers who are under the age of 21. You risk an outcome that could put a big dent in your plans for the future.

Understanding Erb’s palsy

As a Maryland mother-to-be, you likely spend a great deal of time thinking about the health, safety and welfare of your developing baby. You also probably do everything you possibly can to keep yourself safe so (s)he can be, too. Unfortunately, however, you cannot control everything, and a birth injury is one of the things you cannot control.

Thankfully, birth injuries occur relatively rarely in the United States. For instance, Erb’s palsy, one of the most common birth injuries, occurs in only 0.5 to 2.6 percent of live births. This is an injury to your baby’s brachial plexus nerves during the birthing process.

Should I accept a plea deal for a DUI?

If you are currently facing a DUI charge in the Silver Spring area, you might be thinking about possible defense options you can use. One option that you might not realize you have is a plea deal. Because the courts are overrun with cases, there is a strong possibility the prosecutor may offer you a plea bargain. Before you accept it, you need to fully understand the ramifications.

Plea deals may seem like no-brainers. However, they require you to give up something in exchange for a lesser charge or shorter sentence. Here are a few things for you to consider before you accept a DUI plea deal.

Why should I hire a private defense attorney?

You may think you have no options if you have recently received a DUI charge in Silver Spring. Whether you have had a few previous run-ins with the law for other minor criminal offenses or this is your first, you are allowed to take actions to help improve the outcome of your situation. 

First, recognize a criminal charge does not make you helpless. It is important for you to consider your legal options first, so you have time to get your affairs in order to potentially avoid a conviction. Consider the following information on why you should hire a DUI defense attorney

5 things to always do after a hit-and-run

Surprisingly, there are many drivers who will flee the scene of an accident even though police officers have various methods for catching these people. Take the case of a Maryland man who struck a 7-Eleven manager with his vehicle before driving off. Luckily, the clerk was able to catch the driver's license plate number. 

If you ever find yourself as a victim of a hit-and-run, either in your car or as a pedestrian, you will understandably feel confused and angry at the scene. However, the actions you take right there will greatly impact your insurance claim. Here are the steps to take. 

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