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Key factors of a medical malpractice claim

While many physicians provide an excellent level of care, there are some who cannot or simply do not provide the necessary care and can put patients in danger. Thankfully, a medical malpractice claim can serve as a means of recourse in situations where a physician's missteps lead to injury or harm.

In order to build a proper case, it is important that parties fully understand what it entails. There are a few key factors of a medical malpractice claim.

The negligence of a trucker can benefit a claim

Auto accidents occur every day, and trucking accidents are constantly rising in number. If you have fallen victim to such an incident, you may be able to seek compensation.

To argue a successful case, it is important to understand the full claim process. In regard to proving the accident, a trucker's negligence may be key.

Distinguishing birth injuries from birth defects

Parents put the life of their child in the hands of the physician during the birthing process. When a child suffers injuries at birth due to the negligence of the physician, it may be possible for the parents to seek compensation.

One of the key steps in developing a solid case is making sure the injury is truly a birth injury and not a birth defect. A few factors can aid in making this distinction.

How your DUI may impact your employment

DUIs account for a large number of motor vehicle accidents and injuries, and the government is constantly working to decrease such instances. For this reason, DUIs come with hefty penalties.

If you or a loved one face a DUI charge, it may have lasting effects on your life. In particular, a DUI conviction may have a strong effect on your employment, depending on your profession.

Understanding the DUI hearing process in Maryland

When individuals drive impaired, they put themselves and all those around them in danger. With such high stakes in place, the courts assess heavy penalties to discourage such behavior.

If you or a loved one are facing DUI charges, it is important that you understand the court process. There are a few key important steps to understand about a DUI hearing in Maryland.

Could your physician’s negligence be to blame for your injuries?

Imagine this scenario in your mind: You go to your doctor in Silver Spring for a routine checkup only to learn you have a serious medical condition that requires you to have surgery. Although it surprises and shocks you to receive this type of diagnosis, you do not insist on further testing or a second opinion because you trust your physician implicitly. 

Several weeks have gone by since your operation, and you do not feel better like you should you feel worse. Instead of experiencing an uneventful recovery, you go back to your doctor to learn that complications stemming from your surgery have further compromised your health. Your doctor did not inform you about the risk of the complications you are experiencing. Now you are starting to question if he or she made some mistakes in your medical care

How can I avoid a collision with a car while riding my bike?

Some car accidents that happen in the Silver Spring area involve bicyclists. Because they are more vulnerable than motorists, bicyclists who are hit by cars often sustain life-threatening injuries. 

If you happen to spend a good deal of your time riding the roads in the area, take some time to review the following suggestions on how to stay safe and avoid an accident with a vehicle. 

Construction workers can suffer repeated stress injuries

When you consider the various kinds of injuries a construction worker could sustain, what usually come to mind are those that involve falls from ladders or electrocution from contact with live overhead wires. However, there are other issues that do not often make the headlines.

A repeated stress injury may take a while to develop, but it can cause lifelong problems. Construction workers are among those whose jobs can cause this kind of injury. 

Stay alert to these 4 common causes of motorcycle accidents

If you ride a motorcycle, you are probably aware that trouble could be anywhere up ahead. You also know that if the trouble should involve you in some way, you would likely at a disadvantage to larger vehicles.

You do not want to end an otherwise uneventful ride as a hospital patient so you want to be alert at all times on the road. Here are four of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents:

Keys to proving negligence in your personal injury case

If you or a loved one face an injury due to the acts of another party, you may be able to file a claim for personal injury. There is a particular process that individuals must follow in order to successfully argue their cases.

It is critical that individuals looking to file a claim gain a full understanding of the relevant parts of a case for personal injury, especially negligence. There are a few keys to proving negligence that you want to be aware of.

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