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Maryland Personal Injury Attorneys | Video Transcript

[GRAPHIC:, Cooper Law Firm, Attorneys at Law, Local 301-637-8083, Toll Free 866-405-0124, 8720 Georgia Avenue, Suite 701, Silver Spring, MD 20910]

STEVEN M. COOPER: Cooper Laaw Firm has nearly 50 years of experience representing all kinds of personal injury cases. The vast majority of personal injury cases just happen to be motor vehicle cases. And our experience is vast; we've had 15,000 personal injury cases through the years.

As far as our firm is concerned, Cooper Law Firm, it's not going to cost you anything to come in and see us. There's no charge for the consultation. There's no charge to talk to us over the phone. Because an insurance company is going to try to settle with you very quickly for a minimal amount of money, that's what they do. They don't want you to go to a lawyer. But call us immediately, let us know what your concerns are, we take care of all the details.