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How To Proceed After An Accident

Car accidents can be both jarring and traumatic and over in seconds. Afterward, a rush of adrenaline may be guiding your actions, as you check for the safety of yourself, fellow passengers and anybody else who may be involved. While these moments can be stressful, remembering a few important points can help you manage the situation and place yourself in a better long-term position to sort out recovery and compensation.

With that in mind, there are five things you can do after an accident that can potentially save you a headache down the road.

1. Check On Everybody And Contact The Police And Medical Services.

The health and safety of everybody involved should be the most important consideration after an accident. If anyone appears injured, contacting medical personnel can be extremely beneficial.

In addition, contacting the police to file a report can be helpful when it comes time to pursue a claim.

Remember to exchange information with the other drivers and passengers involved.

2. Get Photographs Of The Cars.

Photographing the damages to the vehicles involved, as well as the road on which the accident occurred, can help bolster your claim with your insurance company. In addition, if possible, seek contact information for any potential witnesses to the accident.

3. Seek Medical Treatment. Don't Wait.

If you have an apparent injury, you should immediately seek medical attention. However, some soft tissue injuries don't make their presence felt until hours or even days after the accident, due to adrenaline and other factors. To cover your bases, seek treatment shortly after an accident, even if it's just a visit to your primary care physician.

Suggest that others involved do the same.

4. Contact Your Insurance Company.

Let your insurance company know you've been in an accident. While you should be forthcoming, you should be wary of giving a recorded statement, as it can impact your claim and negatively affect the compensation you receive.

5. Contact An Attorney.

Contacting an experienced lawyer can help you determine how to best proceed, particularly when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. An attorney can help you determine how to best approach your statements, so that you don't end up potentially harming your case.

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