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Providing Tough Criminal Defense For Immigrants In The U.S.

While any criminal arrest can result in potential fines and loss of freedom, the stakes can often be higher for individuals who are not U.S. citizens. In addition, you may be facing deportation or you may be unable to naturalize.

At Cooper Law Firm, located in Silver Spring, Maryland, our attorneys have both the immigration and criminal defense experience to help immigrants who have been arrested or are facing criminal charges.

Helping You Stay In The U.S.

Though not all criminal charges have a negative impact on your immigration status, it's important to know that certain crimes do have negative immigration consequences, and should be faced head-on. Even more common arrests, such as a DUI, can ultimately be considered a "crime of moral turpitude" and negatively impact your status in the U.S.

Too often, criminal lawyers are unaware of the immigration consequences of some criminal charges. At Cooper Law Firm, however, we'll work with you to determine the best course of action, paying particular attention to how an arrest can impact your status.

The Importance Of Taking Action

It's very important to face and deal with any criminal charges. When there are options for asylum and other immigration relief, we'll pursue them diligently. In either case, we'll work tirelessly to make sure that charges against you are either dropped or dismissed, and utilize all our resources to provide you with tough, smart criminal defense.

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Many of our staff immigrated to the United States from South America, and know firsthand the difficulties and stresses of the immigration process, even without facing criminal charges.

Our criminal defense lawyers will work with you to quickly resolve any outstanding issues and will represent you in both court and MVA hearings. Contact us by calling 866-405-0124 or completing the online form to schedule an appointment at our Silver Spring, Maryland, office.