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Warrants & Failure to Appear in Court

Bench warrants may be issued for relatively minor traffic violations, like failure to yield the right of way or speeding. In such situations, the person in trouble is unaware that a warrant exists and only learns of it when he or she is involved in a routine traffic stop and is then taken into custody and sent to jail.

Bench warrants are regularly issued if you fail to appear in court for more serious criminal charges, such as assault, possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia and violation of probation.

Were you unaware of a trial court date? Did you move and never receive notice of the scheduled date? It does not matter whether you knew or not, you can still be arrested.

If you have a warrant out for your arrest, do not wait another day to get legal help. Contact Cooper Law Firm now at 866-405-0124.

Getting Your Warrant Recalled

If you know there is a bench warrant out for your arrest, you may be afraid to leave the house, go to work, or be out in public. That's understandable. Maybe you are an immigrant, and you fear an arrest will lead to job loss, jail or even deportation.

At the law office of Cooper Law Firm, our defense attorneys will take immediate action to get your warrant recalled and get the court to schedule a new court date. We understand your fears of being arrested or deported. We understand the importance and urgency and can draft the proper legal documents to get a swift court ruling.

What if the Court Will Not Recall the Arrest Warrant?

If you must turn yourself in because the court refuses to recall or remove the arrest warrant, our defense lawyers can assist you during this process. We can explain the process so you know what to expect. We will accompany you to the police station to help ease the stress of the process.

If you are taken into custody, the commissioner will review your record to determine whether to set bond or release you on your own recognizance. If bond is set, you can use property you own as collateral, or we can arrange for a bail bondsman to provide a surety or bail bond for you. If the commissioner decides to release you on your own recognizance, you do not have to put up any money or property, and you are free to go until the time of your court case.

We Will Fight for Your Freedom

Our attorneys will zealously fight to protect your rights and freedom by filing the appropriate legal documents with the court, so you can avoid spending time in jail before your trial date. Call 866-405-0124 or contact us online for more information.

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