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Traffic Tickets

Did you get a speeding ticket or a reckless driving violation? An experienced lawyer can help minimize the potential damage to your driving record and your wallet.

At the Silver Spring law office of Cooper Law Firm, we defend people who have received Maryland traffic tickets. Whether you are a resident of Maryland or you are an out-of-state driver, we can help you keep your insurance points down and your driving record clean.

Fight That Ticket Whenever Possible

Paying a traffic ticket means you are admitting guilt. That can have serious consequences later on as it adds points to your driving record and could increase your insurance costs. Don't shrug off a traffic violation by paying the ticket. Talk to a traffic defense lawyer so you know your options. Call 866-405-0124 or contact us online.

Fighting a traffic violation requires more than just showing up at court. We investigate our clients' cases looking for ways to reduce or eliminate points on your driving record and minimize the risk of losing your license. It's best to contact our office soon after you receive a traffic ticket so we have time to build your defense.

We offer proven, resourceful defense for people going to court for traffic violations, such as:

  • Driving without a license
  • Driving an uninsured vehicle
  • Driving on a suspended or revoked license
  • Reckless driving
  • Negligent driving
  • Speeding tickets
  • Hit and run

Bench Warrants for Failure to Appear in Court

From moving violations to parking tickets, accumulated traffic tickets can result in a bench warrant for your arrest, points on your driver's license, time in jail and fines. You could lose your license. (If you have even minor violations with a provisional license, you risk an automatic suspension.)

When possible, don't let tickets pile up. If you know that there is a bench warrant out for your arrest, call us. We can help minimize the damage.

Out-of-State Drivers

If you were pulled over and ticketed for a traffic violation while traveling through the Maryland-Washington D.C. area it will go on your driving record in your home state. You need to address that ticket. We can help you do that without the need for you to return to the area.

Fight Your Traffic Ticket

You can fight traffic tickets — and win. Our attorneys can help. Call us today at 866-405-0124 to learn your rights and options. You can also contact us online for more information.

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