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Guiding You Through The MVA Administrative Hearing Process

For drivers in Maryland who have had a suspended or revoked license, or been arrested for a DUI or similar infraction, the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) is often a necessary stop along the way to reinstating your license and resuming your daily routine. However, the processes within the MVA can often be confusing or difficult to follow, particularly if you already lead a busy life or are consumed with other legal issues.

The attorneys at Cooper Law Firm have assisted individuals in Silver Spring and throughout the surrounding Maryland region resolve their DUI/DWI and license suspension issues. We will fight on your behalf throughout the process, working to restore your driving privileges as soon as possible.

Representing Your Interests

While the MVA offices are not as formal as a courtroom, the rules of evidence and testimony under oath still apply. As a result having a lawyer by your side to oversee the documentation and testimony process can alleviate some of the stresses of the hearing.

With the aid of experienced counsel, you may be able to return to driving relatively quickly after your hearing.

Too often, individuals are confused by the MVA process and return to the road before obtaining the proper documentation from the MVA. As a result, they receive further infractions and have an even harder time reinstating their license. We can help.

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At Cooper Law Firm, our criminal defense attorneys will work with you to quickly resolve any outstanding issues and will represent you in both court and MVA hearings. Contact us by calling 866-405-0124 or completing the online form to schedule an appointment at our Silver Spring, Maryland, office.