Hit and Run / Leaving the Scene


It is illegal to leave the scene of an accident. If you are in an accident with another vehicle, or a pedestrian, the law requires you to:

  • Stop and give information to the other party
  • File an accident report if there are damages or injuries
  • Leave your contact information in a note if you hit a parked car and the owner isn't present

Failing to do these things can result in you being criminally charged with hit-and-run or leaving the scene of an accident. The sad thing is that many law-abiding citizens get in trouble with a hit-and-run because they tapped a car, checked but didn't see any damage, and left because they didn't realize there was a problem. Until, that is, the police showed up at their door.

A conviction for a hit-and-run accident can have very serious consequences. You face the possibility of fines, suspension of your driver's license and jail time. Penalties are enhanced if your hit -and-run caused injuries or you were drunk driving at the time.

If you are facing criminal charges for leaving the scene of an accident, with or without a DUI, you need skilled and aggressive defense. At the law office of Cooper Law Firm, we defend residents of Maryland and Washington D.C. as well as out-of-state drivers.

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Already Driving on a Suspended License? Afraid an Accident Could Get You Deported?

Often people who leave the scene of an accident are afraid that if they do the right thing, they will make their situation worse. It is understandable if you are feeling fearful. Your situation is difficult, but we will do everything we can to improve your situation.

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