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Assault 1st & 2nd Degree

When you face the possibility of a lengthy jail term, you want an aggressive defense attorney who knows how the systems works, who will fight to protect you in court.

At the law office of Cooper Law Firm, we've been protecting people's rights in criminal cases in Maryland and Washington D.C. since 1971. We provide the strong, aggressive defense you need if you are facing criminal charges for assault. Contact our law office to talk to a lawyer about your case.

There Are Two Levels of Assault Charges

  • First-Degree Assault: This is a felony charge, usually because a weapon was used. You could be charged with aggravated assault or assault with a deadly weapon. If convicted, you could face a maximum of 25 years in prison. Even if the injuries resulting from the use of a weapon were superficial, you could still face prison time because of the involvement of a weapon.
  • Second-Degree Assault: This is a misdemeanor assault charge and usually no weapon was involved. Domestic violence is often charged as second-degree assault. Whether you could face jail time depends upon prior criminal charges on your criminal record, the circumstances of the assault, and the seriousness of the injuries.

When it comes to assault charges, intent does matter. If you brought a weapon with you, the prosecutor will argue that you planned to do harm. Of course, that may not have been the case at all. You may be carrying a gun for self-protection, never planning to get into a fight. We work diligently to get charges dismissed or, if that fails, to get charges reduced to a misdemeanor assault charge or to disorderly conduct.

Plea Bargain or Jury Trial?

The answer to that question is not as clear cut as it seems. While we don't want our clients to enter a plea if they don't have to (it will stay on your criminal record), we also know that juries can sometimes be a risk. We've taken hundreds of cases to jury trial and can explain how a jury is likely to see your case and your defense options.

We have a full-time, licensed private investigator on staff (a former homicide lieutenant and special assistant to a U.S. Marshall) to help us build your case. We will interview witnesses and collect evidence as we diligently prepare your case for negotiations or a court hearing.

When the evidence is overwhelming, we can negotiate for an alternative sentence, such as anger management class, community service or therapy.

We Will Fight for You. Contact Us Today.

No matter how serious your criminal charges, our attorneys will zealously fight to protect your rights and your freedom. Call us today at 866-405-0124 or contact us online.

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