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Domestic Violence and Protection from Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges are a common occurrence in Maryland and around the country. Despite being common, domestic violence charges are a very serious matter. Domestic violence can tear a family apart, and allegations of domestic assault can ruin a person's reputation and lead to criminal charges of assault being filed.

Domestic violence is very real and, sadly, a common occurrence in Maryland and around the country. Sometimes, it's the result of an argument that gets out of hand or there is a misunderstanding. Whatever the cause, domestic violence can tear a family apart.

As a victim of domestic violence, you can legally and physically protect yourself from your abuser by obtaining a protective order. There are three types of protective orders, and the family law attorneys at the law office of Cooper Law Firm can help you obtain them.

  • On an emergency basis, if you allege that you have been the victim of domestic violence, you can seek an interim protective order. You do not need to prove that violence occurred.
  • To receive a temporary protective order, which is valid for 7 days, you will need to attend a hearing, and you must prove that you are in need of protection. The standard of proof to obtain a temporary protective order is that you have "reasonable grounds" to believe that you are in danger. This is a low level burden of proof to meet.
  • To obtain a "final" or "permanent" protective order, which is usually valid for one year, you must prove by "clear and convincing evidence" that you are in need of protection. Simply alleging abuse or telling your side of the story is not sufficient. You could be denied protection if you do not meet this higher level of proof.

Your attorney will help prepare you and any witnesses for trial. We will gather the evidence to present to the court so that you can be ensured of protection from your abuser.

Have You Been Accused of Domestic Violence?

Although domestic violence is prevalent, not every allegation of abuse is true. Often when an argument gets out of hand, the situation can become distressing, emotional and raw, but that does not meet the definition of domestic violence in the state of Maryland. (Domestic violence is defined as: "an act that causes serious bodily harm or an act that places a person eligible for relief in fear of imminent serious bodily harm.")

At the law office of Cooper Law Firm, our defense attorneys represent people charged with domestic assault, whether falsely or because of actions they engaged in. Our goal is to provide you with the best defense possible. Contact our Silver Spring law office to talk with an experienced lawyer about your case.

Take prompt action. If your partner sought a protective order, there is a short window of time to prepare a defense before the protective order becomes permanent. If a protective order is granted against you, and you have been found by the court to be an abuser, you often could face felony or misdemeanor criminal charges as well for assault, sexual offenses or even rape.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, it is important to retain a rigorous and effective domestic violence defense attorney who can work to prevent:

  • The loss of your right to enter your home or property
  • The loss of your right to possess and handle firearms
  • The loss of your right to custody and visitation with your children
  • Criminal charges and, if guilty, jail time

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